[Review] Gears 5 – Screaming madly with the ultimate shooter 2019

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Gears 5 didn’t even come out until this weekend, but point evaluate The game has been announced. So before coming back to the blockbuster shooter news of The Coalitionlet’s take a look at reviews from reviewers about this super product.

In the Gears 5 review of PCGamesN, reviewer Griff made a less enthusiastic comment. He commented that the “invitations” from the open-world game design, while sometimes pleasing to the eye, do not result in a more meaningful experience change. The player’s AI just seems to make the game turn into a “messy” soundtrack. The characters have tight fighting styles, the levels look great, and the missions are rarely unexpected. players, but ultimately the three-year wait required more from Gears 5. The believable fighting style and some new ideas still couldn’t pull Gears 5 away from the usual gameplay despite its roots. base of the game.


However, the above uncertainty does not seem to apply to other reviews. At the moment, Gears 5 has an average score of 84 on Opencritic, while the game’s score on Metacritic drops a bit to 79 for the PC platform (85 for the Xbox One).

Here are the scores of Gears 5:

Windows Central: 4.5/5
IGN: 8.8/10
Game Informer: 8.5/10
GamesRadar+: 4/5
Gamespot: 7/10
PCGamesN: 6/10
USGamer: 3/5


Overall, the game’s review scores vary widely, although there are some highlights in the list above that show that Gears 5 isn’t entirely deserving. Fans of the series will still find a lot to enjoy from Gears 5, but there won’t be too many new elements driving the series’ growth going forward.​

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