Revealed details about the Free Fire OB21 update

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After Garena Free Fire’s OB20 update, it’s time to welcome the in-game OB21 update. Update OB20 introduces Kalahari map, Bomb Squad mode, new character – Steffie and several other additions. Currently, gamers are eagerly waiting for the upcoming OB21 update in Free Fire.

Developers have opened Free Fire Advanced Server For players, active until April 2. Leaks from the Advanced server have revealed a new OB21 update that will bring a new pet – Ottero, new characters – Kapella and Lucas, a Free feature Look, new icons and more.

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What’s new in the Free Fire OB21 update?

The expected release time of the Free Fire OB21 update is April 11, 2020. And now let’s discuss each feature in this update in detail.

You can refer to how install and play Garena Free Fire OB21 on test server right here.

Revealed details about the Free Fire OB21 update

1. Get New Characters – Kapella and Lucas

In general, every Free Fire update brings a character with and OB21 is no exception when gamers will welcome a new character named Kapella. This character is a famous pop star and singer. Kapella’s special skill is to increase the effectiveness of healing items and healing skills, as well as help teammates take less damage from explosives and bullets. These skills make Kapella the perfect support member for a team. Her abilities continue to increase as she is upgraded.

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Besides Kapella, the information revealed also about a new male character named Lucas. Lucas is a young soccer player with exceptional hat-trick skills. When Lucas kills an enemy, a significant amount of HP is restored. In survival shooters like Free Fire, HP plays a very important role, so with this ability, the character can live longer and fight stronger on the battlefield.

2. New pet – Ottero

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Ottero is a new pet in Free Fire that can restore EP while recovering HP. As you know, pet’s skill effect increases based on their level. Oterro will enter the game with two exclusive outfits and three emojis unlocked at different levels.

3. Free Look . Feature

A new feature called Free Look will be available in Free Fire. If you’ve ever played PUBG Mobile, you probably already know about this feature. An eye icon will be added to your screen, allowing you to look in all directions without having to move your character. You can enable this feature in the game’s Control Settings, as well as adjust its jump in the Sensitivity settings.

4. Kill Secure Mode

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The Free Fire OB21 update will also bring a new mode called Kill Secure Mode on the Bermuda map. This mode is similar to Team Deathmatch, where 2 teams spawn on a small map. The player chooses equipment from 4 sets, and each team’s goal is to destroy every member of the opposing team. If the player is killed, he will respawn. The first team to get 80 kills or the team with more kills at the end of the match becomes the winner.

5. Auto Pickup Speed

Now, gamers will be able to adjust the speed of picking up items in the game (Auto Pickup Speed). They can be set to either Default or Fast option. Changes can be made in the game’s Auto Pickup settings.

6. New Expression of Emotions

4 new expressions are also making their way to Free Fire. Here are their names and slogans:

– Bring It On! : Bring on the challenge

– Fancy Hands: Keep watching, you won’t get it anyway

– Tea Time: Relax after some headshots

– Why? Oh, why? : I’m a poor little soul

7. A few more features

– New weapons: Thompson and Smoke Grenade.

– New skins for Gloo Wall.

The Thompson is a submachine gun (SMG) with an amazing rate of fire, making it a great choice for close combat. And Smoke Grenade as the name suggests is a smoke grenade that will make you disappear in smoke for quite a while, this helps you hide when enemies are attacking you.

Currently, Free Fire has versions for Android, IOS and PC, you can download the appropriate version below:
– Download Free Fire for Android.
– Download Free Fire for iOS.
– Download Free Fire for PC.

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