Retrieve Sent Emails in Gmail, Cancel Sent Emails in Gmail

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If you accidentally sent an email with incomplete content or sent it to the wrong address, you can recover the sent Email in Gmail, cancel the email sent to gmail according to the instructions below to prevent the email content from reaching the recipient. Please.

In order to target users and serve users better continues to mention email tricks, in the previous article we showed you how to Gmail password recovery In this article, we show you how to retrieve sent emails on Gmail.

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Gmail is one of the best web-based email services available today, which is why it’s so popular. Every day, there are thousands of sending and receiving emails on Gmail for work and study. With the “Undo Send” feature, Gmail allows users to retrieve Emails sent in Gmail within certain time periods when they make mistakes in the process.

How to get back sent email in Gmail, cancel sent email


– Gmail account. If you don’t have one, you can register yourself an account for later use Gmail sign up It happens quite quickly and is not complicated after registration, you can use Google services such as: Google +, Google Maps, Google Drive…

– Web browser: Use famous web browsers such as Firefox, CocCoc or Google Chrome… Currently has updated the latest versions of these browsers, if you do not have one or the version you are using. are old you can download them to use.

+ Download Firefox browser: Firefox

+ Download Coc Coc web browser: CocCoc

+ Download Google Chrome web browser: Google Chrome

Download Gmail for Mobile devices

* Download gmail for iPhone phones: Gmail for iPhone

* Download Gmail for Android phones: Gmail for Android

Step 1: Log in to gmail -> choose the right to set up a Gmail account

Go to gmail’s settings tool, select the gear icon (first) => choose Settings – Settings (2)

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Step 2: A window will appear, select Labs (3)

In the box Search for a lab: Enter features Undo Send– Cancel sending (4) => Select Enable (5) (Enable email retrieval in gmail) => Then click Save Changes – Save settings (6) to save the modified changes.

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– Gmail will automatically re-login, skip to step 3

Step 3: Setting up Undo Send

After Gmail successfully re-login, you go back to the Settings window in Gmail, at General – General Settings You scroll down to find the feature Undo Send(7). Here, you have the options of 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds to retrieve sent emails in gmail. After the above time, you will not be able to get the mail in gmail anymore. After selecting, please scroll down and click Save Changes to save changes.

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After the installation is complete, you proceed to send an email to check the Undo Send feature, When sending an email you will receive a message as below => select Undo (8) to retrieve the email you just sent.

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Notice that the email has just been sent back in gmail when the user cancels sending, usually this process happens quite quickly.

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So has shown you how to change the settings to get back sent emails, with this way you have 30 seconds to cancel the emails you don’t like. After 30 seconds Gmail does not allow you to do that, if you want you can still delete sent email content immediately with the Dmail extension on the Chrome browser.

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