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To the writer, I Am Legend lA very special movie. The feeling of solitude in the middle of a shabby, ruined New York City with grass covered everywhere and above all the crazy fear every time the sun goes down .. really makes I Am Legend deeply imprinted in my mind. viewer’s mind. With cinema like that, in the game world, that image seems to have never been reproduced.


But you will have to think again when you see DUSK – The game brings exactly the obsession of I Am Legend to the virtual world. DUSK puts gamers in the role of a man living alone in the middle of a city without people. Life passed day by day with hunting and gathering while completely lacking the conditions and technology of human civilization.. However, that was when the sun was still high in the sky because the night was falling. Darkness is not the scariest thing that exists in this world.


DUSK has the style of a title survival game literally when day by day you have to find food, water and raw materials for crafting or building. All these tasks you must complete before nightfall because when there is no longer sunlight, alien species that used to be human will begin to flood the ground. Like I Am Legend, they possess speed and strength far beyond the main character.. so running is almost the only option if you don’t want to become slimy meat in their mouth.


The game environment completely follows the direction of the open world with a huge area of ​​up to 16 square kilometers, allowing gamers to freely travel and explore. However, even during the day, the ruined buildings with light cannot enter, players can still encounter foreign objects hiding in them. However, if you are brave enough, you will still collect rare items in DUSK.


DUSK is currently still in development thanks to community donations. It is highly likely that the game will set foot on PC when it is completed. All information about DUSK will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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