PUBG terms for beginners

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In every online game, there are a lot of terms born to communicate faster during the game and PUBG is no exception. PUBG terms are intended for both beginners and experienced players to coordinate more effectively during the game as well as explain to those who do not understand a certain issue.

Have a lot of PUBG terminology in the process of playing that newbies can’t understand. These PUBG terms are frequently used, some are called to help teammates quickly understand their intentions but some words simply make the difference to a world-class game like PUBG. .

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As you all know PUBG is a game that is not free, not only that, the required computer configuration of PUBG is also not light because the game has not been optimized to the current computer configuration. However, with the appeal of this game, all of the above problems are not too big of a problem, and with the PUBG terms for newbies in this article, it will help players easily. more familiar with the game.

PUBG terminology for newbies

– What is the name of PUBG reading?

What is PUBG?

PUBG Also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a famous survival game and because its name is too long and hard to remember, players often call it by cute names like poo gii or pe o ve.

– What is Bo, how to run bo in PUBG?

Bo is the white circle you see on the map, the circle will be narrowed and the task of PUBG players must run into that circle to be temporarily safe. For those who live outside the circle, they will lose blood gradually until they run out of blood.

– What is skydiving?

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Skydiving is just the act of jumping to any location after you join a certain game screen, the system will give you 1 minute to prepare and get on the plane to skydive. This is a mandatory action of any survival game today.

Headshots: Simply hit the head.
Drying/ Fan: Continuously fires bullets at a target in automatic fire mode.
Tap: Shoot one by one in Single mode
Keep your mind on: Refers to the way of shooting to pull the center down to dry the bullets and limit the deflection of bullets.
Move away: Indicates the end of enemy team members, not giving a chance to save lives.
Loot: The action of picking up items and equipment in PUBG.
Loot walk: The act of picking up single blocks, areas that are not cities or towns.
Camp: Sit still and defend.
Check: Check the area, the location is safe or not.
Clear: Safe area, no enemies.
Lamborghini: Refers to the Mirado vehicle in the game.

PUBG term for healing equipment

Redbull or energy drink: Simply this is a jar that allows you to speed up a bit and heal, because it has the same color as Redbull, so it is called.
– Medicine: English name is PainKiller (painkiller) has the same effect as Redbull but stronger.
Cylinder, needles: In-game name is Andrenaline Syringea most advanced item and also the hardest to find and has the same effect as Rebull.
First Aid kit: Called by gamers E-Piece, has a healing effect in a short time (up to 75% health).
Med Kit: Kit for short, heals more than First Aid kit and has a maximum of 100% health.
Bandage: Also known as an ass bandage or toilet paper, an item that heals for little health and up to 75% health.

PUBG term for guns
Green bullets, bullets year: Refers to 5.56 mm ammunition used for Assault Rifle and Designated marksman rifles.

Ammo seven: Refers to the 7.62 mm ammunition used for the Assault Rifle, Designated marksman rifle and Sniper Rifle.

M4: An abbreviation for the M416 gun, belonging to the Assault Rifle type in PUBG.

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M16: Short for M16A4, same type as M4 above.

Ka or K98: Short for the legendary Kar98r sniper rifle, a popular and favorite gun used in PUBG.

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Nade/Bomb: That is, Frag Grenade, is a type of explosive grenade in PUBG.
Smoke: That is, Smoke Grenade, is a type of smoke grenade in PUBG.
Pomegranate stun: Stun Grenade, a stun grenade that stuns the enemy for a few seconds.
Firebomb/ gas bottle: Refers to the famous Motolove Cocktail and is a type of homemade equipment.
Red Dot: The full name is Red Dot Sight, a type of equipment to aim for the heart in PUBG.
Holographics Sight: Called Holo for short, similar to Red Dot.
2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 15x: Short for the respective names 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 15x Scope, a type of viewfinder with different apertures from 2x to 15x.

The term PUBG home area in PUBG

Altar: The 2nd position in the Buggy, implying that this position is too open-minded and easy to die.
QTV’s Residence: This is the house where QTV streamer often jumps.
Doraemon’s house: The house looks like Nobita’s house.

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Toilet: Small houses are scattered all over the map.
towerThe house has a tower-shaped structure with 2 floors with separate entrances.
Warehouse: Warehouses have a 2-door opening structure and have windows at the top.
Apartment: Buildings with 3, 4 floors or more are called Apartments.
Shool: The school area is very famous in PUBG.

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Above are some PUBG terms, slang commonly used in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that new players need to know to quickly get used to this game.
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