PUBG PC: Guide to playing Team Deathmatch mode


As announced, in the upcoming update of Playerunknown’s battlegrounds (PUBG) there will be Team Deathmatch mode.. PUBG’s Team Deathmatch mode will put 8v8 or 7vs7 matches on familiar maps. You will be given different weapons to use and destroy enemies to win.


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How to play Team Deathmatch mode in PUBG

Team Deathmatch Rules

Even in the name of the game mode, we have a rough understanding of how the game mode is played. “Death match” is inherently a familiar mode in shooters, even PUBG’s brother PUBG Mobile has brought this mode into the game for a long time.

Let’s take a look at the rules of the new mode:

  • Only the first person is supported.
  • Launched the starting page.
  • Lets choose a set of weapons.
  • Revived, 5 seconds after death.
  • Revive location near allies if it’s safe.
  • Immune to damage immediately after reviving for a few seconds.
  • Taking enough damage will not be knocked down (cannot be saved).
  • Cannot shoot teammates.
  • Kills and assists will fill up the boost column gradually.
  • After being undamaged for 5 seconds, your health will begin to heal, and the boost column will also decrease.
  • If AFK is for a certain period of time, you will be disqualified from the match.
  • Once you leave a match, you cannot re-enter that match.


Winning conditions and rewards

  • The first team to kill 50 or more kills after 10 minutes will be counted as winning that round. 2 times winning the round will win the match
  • Only BP (Battle Points) can be awarded according to individual scores.
  • No EXP received.
  • Players may be placed in ongoing Team Deathmatch matches, but will not be included in upcoming-ending matches.

Toy Map

Team Deathmatch mode has up to 7 different battlefields, cut from familiar maps. Specifically, the locations in the maps are as follows:

  • Map of Erangel: Stalber, base Sosnovka
  • Map of Sanhok Forest: Paradise Resort, Pier
  • Snow map Vikendi: Podvosto, Peshkova
  • Miramar Desert Map: Campo Militar


Each battlefield is chosen to provide a different TDM experience. For example, Podvosto on the Vikendi map has a long-range fighting style over a bridge, while Sanhok’s Dock battlefield has a close-range combat style around containers. TDM will also support each of the varying weather conditions of the battlefield, so be ready to change the Special Kit to tune in to the map.

Each type of battlefield will bring a different combat experience, techniques and different tactics. Therefore, the selection of a special toolkit to suit the terrain is extremely important.

Equipment in Team Deathmatch

Equipment starts with the equipment and weapons you choose when parachuting to the ground. We can see their current starter gear and scoreboard by turning the map on / off while in the game. If the starter kit changes on this screen, it will be applied to the next time you spawn or at the start of the next round.

In this update, there are 8 different starter sets for you to choose from: 2 sets of AR guns, 2 sets of DMR guns, 2 sets of SR guns, 1 set of SMG guns and 1 set of Shotguns. We can choose as we like.


Power column in Team Deathmatch

Assists or kills will fill up the boost bar. Use this boost bar to gradually restore health after 5 seconds of not taking damage. The energy column in Deathmatch only works to heal and does not increase the movement speed of the character. When healing, the boost column will decrease and when depleted, it will no longer be able to heal.

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