PUBG – Only use VSS Shroud to eat 20 Kill, “kill” the last life with a pan

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After the scandal of playing with Hacker and being banned from the main account for 30 days, Shroud has returned PUBG with eye-catching matches as usual. However, this time the gamer born in 94 seems to want to create many challenges for himself on the occasion of his return, typically just “shooting racing” or most recently, using VSS to weigh the whole map.


Unlike the challenges with VSS before, using VSS on Sanhok is not an easy thing to do. Here you will have to face the density of people many times more crowded than the old 2 Map, not to mention they always have big guns in their hands. Therefore, holding VSS, a gun with weak damage, low ammo reserve and difficult to aim is really like a death sentence for us gamers.


However with Shroud On the other hand, this former professional gamer still easily “snaps” 20 Kills while not letting the enemy make it difficult for him in any situation. In fact, during the whole match, he was only hit 1-2 times by the enemy, turning Shroud into a true shinobi with the excellent silencer VSS in the game.

Not only that, after winning 20 Kills and only 1 enemy left to hold the Top 1, Shroud accepted the challenge of using only the opponent’s pan. He is also very gentlemanly when he gives the enemy time to heal and initiates a very fair duel. When the whistle (actually the explosion of a grenade) is sounded, Shroud rushes to his opponent and performs 2 theocratic frying pan attacks without being damaged by the opponent.

Not believe? You can watch Shroud’s full match here:

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