PUBG Mobile: Location and tips for using Monster Truck effectively

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Updates PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 brings gamers a series of great new elements. In addition to the Nordic-style map – Livik, peaceful waterfalls, lovely hot springs, players also receive a pair of state-of-the-art weapons P90 SMG and MK-12. Both have very good damage stats. Especially, PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 there is also a new, exclusive vehicle like Livik, bearing the name Monster Truck.

Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile

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What is Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile?

Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile An impressive type of gasoline vehicle, capable of overcoming all difficult terrain with tremendous devastation. PUBG Monster Truck is also the largest vehicle in PUBG Mobile with the best overall stats and only available on mobile platforms.

Monster Truck has a number of great advantages. It has the best engine in the game. You will no longer be flipped over sand dunes or in the air while traveling in deep forests. Compared with the lack of speed, Monster Truck impresses on its ability to conquer all terrains “difficult”.

Equipped with smart armor, monster truck in PUBG Monster Truck is the vehicle that is most similar to a tank in PUBG Mobile at the moment. Thanks to its good defense, it can withstand a large amount of bombardment before smoking and exploding.

One thing you should keep in mind when using Monster Truck is that because of its bulky appearance, moving slower than other vehicles, it is easy to be detected by the opponent and difficult to win in chases.

Monster Truck location appears

Monster Truck appears completely randomly on the map of PUBG Mobile, so it is difficult to list its exact location. Here are some of the locations that PUBG Mobile players have rated as having Monster Truck the most.

Northeast of Holdhus

Location of monster trucks in PUBG Mobile

The northeast of Holdhus is a small town in the lower left corner of the map. Here, you will find a small building. Right on the edge of that cluster of buildings, Monster Truck can appear and park in a position quite easy to see.

East of Aqueduct

Where to find Monster Truck in PUBG

Located between the Aqueduct and the Power Plant are 3 small buildings located at the intersection. Here, you will have a chance to find a Monster Truck at the spawn point. Note, this area is crowded with vehicles. If you’re not moving fast then walking or going solo is a bad idea. In addition, the truck is also easy to disappear after just a few seconds.

Southeast of Iceborg

Iceborg in PUBG Mobile

Here, you will also see a cluster of small anonymous buildings. Monster Trucks can appear on the north side of the building on the left hand side.

Tips to use Monster Truck effectively in PUBG Mobile

How to use Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile
  • Make the opponent “overwhelmed”: With its massive size and great maneuverability, you can take advantage of it to stun your opponents. Instead of rushing at them, follow an arc to reduce the chance of being attacked from behind and easily make the opponent dizzy.
  • Mobile fence: Thanks to the high defense index, large bullet resistance and massive size, you can use Monster Truck as a protective barrier even if it is broken. You can hide completely behind its giant tire to avoid the enemy. Monster Truck’s defensive flexibility is useful even for solo players in the last rounds.
  • Vehicles cross all terrain: Owning this monster truck, you can conquer every terrain from water to ice and snow. In other words, terrain worries will be wiped out when using this vehicle.

Above are the locations and tips on using Monster Truck in PUBG Mobile. Hope the article is useful to you.

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