PUBG Lite – Top 5 best Sanhok loot locations

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PUBG Lite is already a hit game like other PUBG PC and Mobile versions. The Lite version of the game has its own unique passage that is full of challenges and must-haves for the player to grasp. Shooting, combining and distributing equipment, are all different in the new version of PUBG Lite.

We will focus on PUBG Lite’s Sanhok map, a small but extremely challenging place. everything from loot to fighting for survival is much faster than the famous map Erangle. We have gathered 5 best Sanhok loot locations that will give you awesome loot.

pubg lite top 5 for tri loot by Sinhok best

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The best Sanhok PUBG Lite map loot locations

1. Camp Charlie/ Camp Bravo/ Camp Alpha
All camps are located in different location of Sanhok, a set of houses located close together. These slots offer great loot if you’re looking for an Assault rifle, offer SMGs, and sometimes you can find a great sniper rifle or two like the M24 or Kar98K. You can also find a full range of blood bags and level 2 or maybe level 3 shirts if you’re lucky.

Not many people choose to land on these locations, but if the plane’s path is over there, there may be fewer PUBG players jumping in front or behind you. These places are a great option if you can’t cope with the high-speed fights at Boot Camp or Paradise-Resort.

pubg lite top 5 for tri loot by Sinhok best 2

2. Ha Tinh
Ha Tinh is located in the northwest of Sanhok. It contains houses, buildings, and warehouses that provide a variety of items to loot. You can easily get great AR and medium to high damage sniper rifles that have roomy backpacks and first aid items. You can also get good armor and attachments to aid in combat. We also met Med Kits and Adrenaline Syenses here.

Ha Tinh is not a very famous place, but players can visit here if they find it convenient to the plane’s path. Fighting here is not a great place because they have a lot of houses to hide in. This is a great option for those who want to stay safe but keep in mind that there are times when Ha Tinh falls into that safe, blue zone.

pubg lite top 5 for tri loot by Sinhok best 3

3. Ruins
Ruins is an abandoned temple that has a mix of low and high ground. This place usually offers Assault rifles, some SMGs and sometimes sniper rifles like the M24 and Kar98K. One can also find first aid kits, pain relievers, bandages, energy drinks easily. The loot was scattered around the temple and in nearby huts.

The terrain of the Ruins makes detecting enemies extremely difficult. Therefore, fighting here is a challenge. The temple is located in the center of the huts and has even more obstructions in between them, which can be used as cover and concealment points. Good skill in short-range combat is essential to survival in the Ruins and the surrounding area.

pubg lite top 5 for tri loot by Sinhok best 4

4. Paradise-Resort
Paradise-Resort is located in the Northeastern area of ​​the Sanhok map. Although the location is small, it is a group of formed structures. This place has really great loot, sometimes sniper rifles like M24 and Kar98k, in this area Assault and SMG rifles are available. You’ll also find first aid kits, painkillers, bandages, energy drinks in abundance, if you’re lucky you might find Med Kits and adrenaline syringes.

The resort is a group of nine buildings joined together into staircases. The structure makes this place really dangerous as all the good loot is located here. Short range combat can survive well in this area, I would suggest using SMGs for the first few minutes as they are really great weapons to shoot at short range. Once you survive the wars, you get great and quality loot.

pubg lite top 5 for tri loot by Sinhok best 5

5. Boot Camp
Boot Camp is a small place in the middle of the map and it is the most controversial reason on the map. This place is filled with incredible loot with all kinds of weapons and support equipment. You’ll find Assault rifles like the M416 and SCAR-L being the coolest ARs in the game. You can also find deadly sniper rifles like the M24 and Kar98K, which are great long-range options. First aid tools, pain relievers, bandages and energy drinks are also plentiful.

pubg lite top 5 for tri loot by Sinhok best 6

Hopefully, our article on the top 5 best Sanhok loot locations of PUBG Lite will help you in the process of experiencing, playing the best and most attractive survival game on the planet. The game just updated to the latest version, appeared Flare Gun and UAZ PUBG Lite armored vehicle promises to bring many interesting things for you.

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