PS5 reveals movie-like graphics in Unreal Engine 5’s Demo

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Epic Games has just officially revealed its next generation Engine is Unreal Engine 5 with the ability to support super terrible graphics. But it is worth mentioning that all the extremely realistic images of this Engine are run directly on Playstation 5overwhelmed viewers because of the hardware power of the Nextgen system coming from Sony.

With new technology, Unreal Engine 5 allows rendering super detailed models in large numbers on the screen, pushing game graphics to the level of live movies. As shown in the demo, not only one statue with extremely high detail appeared on the screen, but also hundreds of identical statues. And yet, the detail and vividness of the Demo is also shown on the entire game map, not just an area… enough to see how great the power of Unreal Engine 5 is.


A representative of Epic Games said that in order to do that on a Console system, in addition to the graphics power of the hardware, it must also include the SSD model. PS5 use. With speeds even higher than SSDs on PCs, the PS5’s hard drive makes data downloads unbelievably fast. This allows developers to use the remaining resources of the PS5 on graphics and gameplay.

Surely with this great Demo, PS5 will be a huge challenge for Xbox Series X and even PC. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible. Readers can join the Maze Game Offline community to update the most interesting information at:

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