Pro gamers have their new gaming chairs stolen without even having time to peel off the stamps

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As you know, gamers, especially professional player need to sit for many hours in front of a computer or mobile screen to play games, so a gaming chair are necessary items for them, without them will make the training hours of gamers much more uncomfortable. But recently, a player Call of Duty: Warzone had to watch a petty thief casually steal his newly bought gaming chair.​


The number one player mentioned above is Tommey – a member of the team Esports 100 Thieves. According to the video extracted from the security camera, this thief drove a truck near Tommey’s house, after parking the car, he quickly went to his porch and stole the package that was located in the house. Then, inside the package is a new male gamer gaming chair delivered to Tommey. In some countries shippers can place orders at some “safe” place such as front door, back porch, garage… In this case it seems that Tommey was not at home to receive and store his parcels. Let’s go.

Readers can watch the video at THIS

Because the thief wore a shirt, covered his face with a hat, and could not see the license plate clearly, the ability to verify the identity of this criminal was almost zero. Below his post on Tweet, many netizens shared Saddened with Tommey and expressed indignation at the thief’s behavior, especially since he didn’t even know exactly what was in the package. Some fans even offered to buy players gifts Call of Duty: Warzone another chair.​


Although Tommey has more than enough power to buy any other gaming chair right away and always, however, the loss of the item that hasn’t been peeled yet also makes him somewhat uncomfortable. This is also a reminder to other online shoppers, your parcel will only be truly “safe” when it’s inside the house instead of the porch like this.​

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