Poppy Playtime: How to Complete Season 1 – A Tight Squeeze

Cách chơi Poppy Playtime phần 1

Part 1 in the game Poppy Playtime called A Tight Squeeze. The article will guide you how to play Poppy Playtime chapter 1 to win the fastest.

How to play Poppy Playtime part 1

Horror Game Poppy Playtime Part 1 takes you to explore an old toy factory. This is the home of a giant toy monster. To complete this challenge, you need to find your way through the entrance, to the factory assembly area while being chased by monsters.

How to play Chapter 1 – A Tight Squeeze in Poppy Playtime

Start a new game

When ready to play Poppy Playtime, Press the button Start in the main menu. Choose New Game to start playing the first chapter. It is described as follows:

As an ex-employee of Playtime co., you finally return to the factory many years after everybody disappeared.” – As a former employee of the company Playtime, you have finally returned to the factory after many years everyone inside has disappeared.

After this description, monsters appear and chase you. If you follow the instructions below, you can complete the challenge in part 1 of Poppy Playtime in just 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Blue tape (optional)

Location of the blue video

After watching the opening video about Poppy Playtime, you will have control of the character. Go to the front desk and take the blue tape off the table using the corresponding button, then place the tape in the blue VCR on the right side of the table to watch the video. You can learn more about where and how to get other VHS tapes in Poppy Playtime on Download.vn.

Solve the security door unlock puzzle

After watching the video, go to the right and enter the Gift Shop. Looking up at the ceiling, you will see a train running on suspended rails. Record the colors you see on that ship. Leave the gift shop and return to the reception area to enter the Security room. Here you will find a locked door with a color keyboard. Click on the colors you see on the ship to open the door. Specifically:

  1. Green
  2. pink
  3. Yellow
  4. Red

When entering the Security room, you need to find some important items.

Blue ribbon

Blue tape in the security room

In Security, go to the desk, get the blue tape, and then place it in the nearby matching VCR. Watch the video in the tape that shows you how to use your arm while playing the game Poppy Playtime. This information is extremely important. They help you solve almost any puzzle in part 1.

When the video ends, the blue hand case will open. Interact with it to equip your character. You now have a blue left hand.

Enter the lobby

Enter the lobby in the game Poppy Playtime

Now back to the reception area. Jump through the front desk turn to the door with the blue hand above it. Use the blue hand to press the switch to open the door that leads you to the factory and begins the real “nightmare” at the factory. Poppy Playtime.

Playtime lobby

Get the yellow key in the hand of the level monster

Inside the lobby, you’ll find some interesting items. First and foremost, is the giant toy monster Huggy Wuggy in the center of the room. Huggy Wuggy will hunt you down throughout this chapter. The second thing you will notice is that there are 7 doors in this room. They lead to different areas of the plant.

Before going through any door, you need to get the yellow key from Huggy Wuggy’s hand with the blue hand. To do this, bring your arm to the left door. The door didn’t open because of the power failure. The yellow key will drop into the hand of the raised monster. Use your hand to catch it.

Once you have the yellow key, go right to the Power door, go inside, activate the power and run fast.

Power off

Towards the end of the electrical room, you will see a covered outlet. Use the blue hand to open the cover on the socket. Put your hand in the exposed socket, leave it there for a while, and walk around the 2 electric poles in the room leading to the front door. In this way, you will be able to start the power system for the plant.

Once the power is restored, return to the lobby. Huggy Wuggy is no longer there. You will encounter it when exploring other rooms in the factory. The next stop is through the door that couldn’t be opened before because of a power failure. Step inside, go down the hallway and into the room on the left. Walk along the dark corridor to the next area.

Take the red arm

Go forward through the room with the yellow VCR and go up the stairs. On the scaffolding, move forward until you see the control panel. Next to it is a blue fuse on the ground. Pick up the fuse and place it in the control panel, then drop it on the floor below through the gap in the balustrade.

Take the red hand

In this room you need to find 3 other fuses. They appear in random locations. You need to scour everywhere to find them. Once all 3 fuses are in place, go back to the control panel and put them in there. The factory will be back up and running and the crane will bring the red hand down the conveyor belt below. Interact with it to equip your character’s red hand.

Complete the Conveyor Circuit puzzle

Solve the carousel starter puzzle

In the room that received the red hand there was a carousel with a door above it. Use both hands to open the door, then go down the conveyor belt until it slides down to the area below.

Complete the conveyor circuit puzzle

You will be stuck at the conveyor belt. Now you have to connect the circuit to get out of this place. Right at the landing, turn right and walk along that carousel until you come to a ramp leading up. Follow it and look to the right to see the socket. Shoot your hand at the socket and keep it there. Turn around and walk down the ramp to get around the pole. Return to the entrance, then head towards the door. Look to the left and shoot your hand at the socket there to complete the circuit. You will automatically move forward along the carousel until you reach the room at the end. It doesn’t work until there is power. To do this, go up the stairs to the scaffolding above. Use one hand to pull the scaffold towards you to cover the gap.

Electrical connection for scaffolding

Go to the middle of the scaffold, turn right and you will see a part of the scaffold that can be pushed up. Drag it towards you to create a shortcut to the pole. Go back to the socket and connect to it. Go through the shortcut and walk to the right to get to the outlet you want to connect to. Use your other hand to pull the scaffold to create a new shortcut. Wrap around the two poles as shown above and attach to the socket to complete the puzzle.

When the power comes back on, go downstairs. The machine worked. Press the Make a friend button in the control panel. The machinery in the room will come to life. Look to the left side of the control panel and pull the three levers you see on splitters. Wait for the pieces to process, then pick up the finished toy at the end. Put it on the scale next to the door with the sign “Nobody leaves without making a toy”. This door will open.

Go through the open door and get ready to race against Huggy Wuggy. Go to the dark hallway. It will appear in the dark as you get closer to it. Immediately turn around and run to the end of the carousel where you have Make a friend. Go through the vent while Huggy Wuggy chases you.

At the end of the chase, you will stop at a scaffold and have nowhere to go. Above is a yellow barrel. Use two hands to pull it down. Huggy Wuggy appears and the crate will push it down.

Now go to the door with the flower and you no longer have to fear because of the challenge at Part 1 of Poppy Playtime it’s over.

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