Play Zombie Tsunami on PC using BlueStacks

Zombie Tsunami is a horizontal screen game genre with a simple gameplay around the Zombie theme, but with a more fun style and of course you will be playing the role of a zombie who destroys as well as eats people. Although the game has a basic gameplay, it is very attractive. That’s why will guide you how to play Zombie Tsunami on your computer.

Classified as a fun game, although the theme is Zombie, but with this very interesting horizontal screen play, it will make you unable not to play. Just like the game garden in the clouds, Rattan garden is a unique game with a very simple gameplay and name, but also very attractive to players.
play zombie tsunami on pc

To play mobile games or in particular games on Android, you should install and use an emulator software like Bluestacks 2, bluestacks 2 is an extremely perfect Android emulator. . Job install BlueStacks 2 is also simple and fast. Please install Bluestacks 2 before downloading Zombie Tsunami to play.

Instructions for playing Zombie Tsunami on the computer

As mentioned above, we use Bluestacks to emulate android to play Zombie Tsunami on your computer, so readers need to download and install this software on PC.

+ Download Bluestacks for Windows: Bluestacks
+ Download Bluestacks for Mac: Bluestacks for Mac
Step 1: Double-click the Bluestacks 2 program to run it.

play zombie tsunami on pc

Step 2: Click Search to search for games.

play zombie tsunami on laptop

Step 3: Type the game name Zombie Tsunami and click Search play for Zombie Tsunami to search.

play zombie tsunami on pc

Step 4: The results appear, you choose the most accurate result.

play zombie tsunami on pc

Step 5: Click next Install to install.

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play zombie tsunami on pc

Step 6: After the installation is complete, Click on the game, wait for the game to load, then we can start playing.

play zombie tsunami on pc

Step 7: This is a super destructive game with very random and unexpected gameplay.

play zombie tsunami on mac

Step 8: You can get the whole swarm to work together to destroy.

play zombie tsunami on windows

Main function:

– Add any number of zombies to your army if desired.
– Crazy carnivorous game is fun for everyone.
– Keep moving if at least one zombie is still running (and it doesn’t have to be the zombie you started with).
– Collect 8 types of power-ups and bonuses to run further and kill more people.
– Search for cars, buses, vehicles and tanks to eat those alive inside.
– 300 different missions.
– 9 locations around the world for you to command the zombie army to come.

With the above information, surely this is not just a game that can be completed in a few days but sometimes a month, hopes you will have hours of fun playing games like you are doing. play ica on computer so. Good luck with your reading!

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