Pirate’s Dream Codes Wiki LATEST 2022 and how to enter

Pirate's Dream

Pirate’s Dream is a game in the system of Roblox. This paragraph Emergenceingames.com will update the latest giftcode codes and how to enter the code. Let’s start the article together.


Code Pirate’s Dream Wiki Latest December 2022

Roblox Pirate’s Dream Codes Wiki Newly Updated


Status Code Gift
New BIGNOTIFIER 4 hours devil fruit announcement
Still usable FRUITBEGONE df reset
Still usable STATNEWTRY stat reset
Still usable STATSAGAIN stat reset
Still usable SOMUCHRACES 5 reels race
Still usable LUCKYDROP 2x Drop
Still usable FRUITGONE Reset Fruit
Still usable EVENMORRACES 5 Race Rerolls
Still usable 3KNOTIFIER 3 hours devil fruit announcement
Still usable ONETHOUSANDTHANKS Free Rewards
Still usable RELEASE 1 hour devil fruit announcement

Instructions on how to enter code Pirate’s Dream

Quick start Guide

  1. Open Roblox Pirates Dream on your PC or mobile device
  2. Press “USA” on the keyboard or open Menu
  3. Select option Settings (Gear icon)
  4. Copy code from our list
  5. Paste it into the text box”ENTER CODE HERE
  6. Press the button Redeem to get your reward

Detailed instructions

Step 1: You proceed to access Robloxfind and select game mode → Press the button Play to start participating in the game.

Go to Roblox, find and select game mode

Step 2: At the main interface, press the “USA” on the keyboard to open the item Menu → Click on the item Settings (Gear icon) as shown below.

Press “M” key to open Menu → Click on the gear icon (Settings)

Step 3: Enter the code in the blank box with the words “ENTER CODE HERE” and press the button Redeem to receive gifts from gift codes.

Enter the code and press the Redeem button to receive the gift

Good luck. Don’t forget to visit the website regularly Online Games to update the giftcode regularly. Thank you gamers for reading my post.


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