Phantom Gate – The masterpiece Nordic Mythology RPG opens early for registration

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Netmarble’s newest child Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie to be role-playing game imbued with elements of Norse mythology, has just opened early registration on iOS and Android platforms.

The game blends side-scrolling gameplay combined with the typical platform (climbing) and turn-based gameplay of RPGs, while adding a bit of puzzle and PvP elements to the game. increase the special part of the game.



The plot of Phantomgate revolves around a young and brave Valkyrie fairy named Astrid. She must embark on a journey to save her mother from the hands of Thor’s father, Odin, a god full of hatred and madness in this life, not as gentle and empathetic as Anthony Hopkins’s Odin. again.

Players will discover the legendary world of Midgard as vividly as real through vivid images just like console games. As the journey unfolds, players will have the opportunity to collect and evolve their companions in the game, called Phantoms, and they will stand shoulder to shoulder with you in every battle.



During the adventure there are more than 300 companions for gamers to collect, and you can choose for yourself how and next evolution for them.

Players participating in Phantomgate’s early registration program will be awarded many special gifts, including an Earth Essence Box Tier 1, 100 Gem and 30,000 Gold.

You can pre-register here:​

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