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Perfect World VNG brought an extremely harsh version of Hoan My Tan Sinh. This has been demonstrated specifically in the new copy system, including the version of the Battle of Lac Nguyet Arena and the copy of Tu Chan Tien Ma Virtual Thien – Huu. Both are considered “difficult” copies with many gamers who have not reached the required level of cultivation, nor have they found a satisfactory and suitable group.

Level requirements and rewards received

Each new version opened in this version has different level requirements. Players need to pay attention and prepare mentally (and fighting force) to overcome these challenges.​

  • State Duplicate – Misty-Summer Sacred Scene: Reincarnation 1 level 1.​

  • Challenge the Legion – Citadel of Fog-Foot: Level 1 Reincarnation level 39.​

  • Challenge the Legion – Lac Nguyet Arena: Reincarnation Level 1 level 69.​

  • Team Challenge – Lac Nguyet Arena: Reincarnation 1 level 59.​

  • Team Challenge – Lac Nguyet Arena – No: Reincarnation 1 level 79.​

  • Cultivation – Treasure Cave – Void: Reincarnation 1 level 59.​

  • Tu Chan – Fairy Ghost Fantasy – Void: Reincarnation 1 level 79.​

The more difficult the challenge, the more rewarding the reward is. The new group of copies has a lot of rewards, such as Fairy Book, Spirit, Orange Item crafting materials, etc. In particular, only these new copies have a drop rate of Orange items that are exclusive to oranges. character after Reincarnation only.


Evaluate the level of cultivation that can participate

According to the general comment of the majority of players who have participated in the copy, to be able to overcome Fairy Ma Fantasy Thien-Hu, you need to have a minimum cultivation level of 300,000. For characters after Reincarnation, this level of combat power is quite easy to achieve. However, in order to be able to go fast, not too hard, the team’s uniform cultivation level should fluctuate at the threshold of 350,000 cultivation levels/character.


Meanwhile, Lac Nguyet Arena offers a tougher challenge, with the team’s average cultivation level reaching over 500,000 cultivation units/character. The reason this activity is so demanding is because it is a group activity, with a very strong boss system and a large damage multi-target skill set. Without careful coordination, you will have a hard time winning.


Arrange battle formations

If gamers have seen the nominations of two copies of Lac Nguyet Arena and Tien Ma Fantasy Thien-Hu, these are all team activities, with an even lineup of 1 tank, 1 support and 4 damage. mainstay.

First of all, to make it easier to overcome the version of Fairy Ma Virtual Thien – Hu, choose for yourself a team with a cultivation base of over 300,000 monks/character for support, 350,000 cultivations/character for team damage and is more than 350,000 units/character for tankers. This will help you kill monsters and bosses faster, with the massive damage of the attacking team and the strong resistance of the tanker. A support buff will ensure extra survivability.

“Tiger” is always the best tanker for all activities.

Regarding the team, the best Tanker is still Tiger – Beast, the class is prioritized in all activities. Main support depends on the squad. If you already have enough damage, you can find Vu Linh – Fairy to get healing and beneficial buffs. I also found that the damage team was not strong enough, so I chose Goblin to increase the speed over the sub. Most players choose Goblin because of the effectiveness of reducing the boss’s defense and breaking buffs.

There are always three elements: Tanker, Damage and Support in the squad.

Kieu Chien Team – Lac Nguyet Arena team of 6 people is similar, only the level of nominated battle strength is higher. Therefore, this article only refers to the copy of Khieu Chien Quan – Lac Nguyet Arena with a group of 12 people only.


Accordingly, this copy requires quite carefully in choosing the team to participate, because both the monsters and the 3 Bosses in this copy are very good, great damage, many skills on a large scale and even control skills. discomfort anymore. Therefore, choose at least 2 tankers in the squad, so optimize with 2 Tigers (Love Beast). Regarding the damage factor, 6 to 8 sources of damage is the best way to finish the Boss, limiting the length of the fight. You can choose Vo Hiep, Vu Mang or Mage for this task. Next, depending on the situation of the team’s cultivation, it is possible to choose the appropriate support. However, there must always be at least one Goblin and one Dance Spirit to ensure survivability and damage to the Boss. If playing support team 4, you can choose 2 Vu Linh – Tien, one Vu Linh – Ma and 1 Goblin to maximize the overall strength.


Other notes in combat

No Auto, that is a prerequisite when joining these copies. All Bosses have a variety of skill sets, including ranged damage skills (eg Elder Fox’s Lava Bridge – Lac Nguyet Arena – Legion,…), wide area damage skills (The Statue of Lightning of the Nine Dead Demons – Lac Nguyet Arena,…) and control skills (King of Wind and Sand of Brahma – Tien Ma Fantasy Thien-Hu,…).


These moves can all be dodged, so the supports need to actively move, avoiding standing still and taking damage. Because if you fall or are controlled, you will put your teammates in danger, especially the tanker position, which always takes the most damage. Same requirement for damage team. Keep your distance, dodge and deal damage as quickly as possible, absolutely do not separate the team solo or stand in a position where the buff cannot run.


Dropable items in the Troops and Legions of Destruction copies.​

The new version in Hoan My Tan Sinh requires a lot of solidarity and the ability of gamers to concentrate in combat. Because only one or a few individuals are negligent, you can affect the whole battle. In return, when you win, with a little “dignity”, the rare rewards you can receive are extremely worth the effort.​

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