Overview of the extremely intense scandal about streamer queen Pokimane

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Pokimane, Yvonnie, LilyPichu and Fedmyster both work at OfflineTV – a company specialized in management streamer and creators. On the surface, their working relationship seemed to be quite harmonious until June this year, everything changed completely. At that time, the community was in an uproar when Yvonnie and LilyPichu accused Fedmyster of sexually harassing them several times, but Fedmyster said he did not remember what happened the night before.

The story doesn’t stop there when Pokimane, in one day live stream above Twitchalso accused Fedmyster of deliberately forcing, flirting when she didn’t want it, even talking bad about it. female streamer causing her to be shunned by other colleagues. Before the accusations, the Fed apologized, saying that it was all an unintended incident, not intentionally letting this bad thing happen. The Fed was then forced to leave OfflineTV and suspend all communications.

Fedmyster fired from OfflineTV and suspended from all media after Yvonnie’s sexual harassment allegations

After a few months of keeping silent, when the drama seemed to have gradually drifted into oblivion, on November 25, a 25-page document went viral on social networks, allegedly composed by Fedmyster with content including includes a lot of evidence that exposes Pokimane, that she is a two-faced person, who specializes in deceiving and taking advantage of others. Famous Streamers “Destiny” even dedicated a 2-hour livestream to analyzing all the evidence that Fedmyster presented.

Destiny streamer’s 2-hour video analyzes in detail all the evidence against Pokimane given by the Fed

In the document, the Fed said that his goal in writing was not to refute the accusations of LilyPichu or Yvonnie, instead he just wanted to “address people who are deliberately deceiving the truth for their own benefit.” their personal interests”. Many private messages between him and Pokimane are revealed. Obviously, the relationship of the two is not to the point of love but also not completely one-sided from the Fed as Pokimane claims. The Fed flirted with Pokimane and the female streamer did not resist, even once coaxing the Fed to come to her room. According to some netizens, Pokimane is a top-notch “audience” when intentionally pushing and ambiguity in the relationship, but when the story comes out, he blames all the blame on the Fed, for him as a harasser. sexual disorder.

A lot of private messages between Pokimane and the Fed revealed

In addition, the document also exposes the two-faced personality of the famous female streamer. Turning over the case with Yvonnie, according to the Fed, Pokimane is not on Yvonnie’s side as she said on the livestream. In fact, it was Pokimane who conspired to push Yvonnie out of OfflineTV. Yvonnie, then in charge of OfflineTV’s manager and producer, planned to become a streamer in the future, but because of the controversy with the Fed, he also quit because he felt terrible and “lost motivation” to work. According to the evidence provided by the Fed, Poki “hated” Yvonnie openly, often complaining that Yvonnie was lazy and always just wanted Yvonnie to quit his job to relieve his eye irritation.

Before the Fed’s intense revelations, Pokimane’s response was encapsulated in two “vague” words. Livestream to explain but a lot of evidence in the “document” she just ignored. Every single paragraph that appeared on the screen, she did not explain in detail, but deliberately skipped it by “bla bla bla” or “this paragraph is so confusing, I don’t understand what it is.”


Perhaps the controversy between Poki and the Fed will not stop here. The Fed’s detailed incriminating evidence and Pokimane’s vague answers make the audience reconsider whether the Fed is really as bad as the accusations or if Poki is really nice to speak up in defense of colleagues or not. are not. In addition to the Fed and Pokimane, Yvonnie and LilyPichu currently remain silent about this incident.​

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