On the morning of March 6, VLTK Mobie gamers officially touched the new version of Duong Danh Tu Hai

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After a monumental 3-year-old birthday event not long ago, Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile (VLTK Mobile) explodes in 2020 with a new version of Duong Danh Tu Hai with a series of upgraded features to bring an interesting experience to players.

Duong Danh Tu Hai version updates many special features

Duong Mon – Thien Nhan: Ky Phung the enemy, going to the battlefield

Duong Mon appeared to help the Kim system take the lead in the number of sects in VLTK Mobile with 4 sects of the same generation: Thien Vuong, Shaolin, Tang Kiem and Ba Dao. With the strength of skillfully using the Shang-Cung at the same time, this is also the first sect in VLTK Mobile that can flexibly change 2 types of weapons when fighting.

Disciple Duong Mon majestically on horseback, immersing himself in the dance of Cung Thuong in the battlefield that has long been famous in the four seas. Possessing 9 active moves including 4 Bow skills, 4 Spear skills and 1 Swap skill, Duong Mon achieves PK difficulty up to 5 stars with melee, long-range and good balance ability.

Duong Mon – Thien Nhan: The most anticipated duo VLTK Mobile

In addition, the presence of male Thien Nhan – one of the formidable opponents, capable of overcoming Duong Mon, makes gamers wait to enjoy the dramatic confrontation of the rival couple in the last version. this.

Career system: Entertaining after intense PK matches

The image of a martial arts hero who usually holds a majestic weapon in his hand, and his aura suddenly had to “roll into the kitchen” caused great curiosity to the community. Instead of calculating how to use techniques to fight Boss and destroy enemies, now gamers will participate in rustic activities such as: Hunting, Fishing, Collecting to accumulate materials, use Cooking. Each dish, after successful processing, will bring back many special uses to significantly increase the strength of the character.

The poetic kitchen will be the place to produce many great dishes of VLTK Mobile in the near future

In addition, new activities such as: PvP to compete for the inter-server Boss Dat Ma Dong or PvE of the Thien Co Maze team is not only an opportunity for players to compete in PK but also an opportunity to experience the skills of other players. New animals – Duong Mon sect and Thien Nhan male model.


Legendary Phi Phong, Ancient Mong Cam Ly: Infatuated with a unique system of costumes

The exterior system of VLTK Mobile always creates its own attraction in terms of aesthetics and diversity. Not only helping to increase combat power, each costume also shows the character’s temperament, interests and position. Therefore, VLTK Mobile players always give special love and attention every time the game launches a new collection.

Unique appearance system of Duong Danh Tu Hai version

In addition, this update also has the appearance of the guest SSSS Dat Ma – The 2nd SSSS Companion of VLTK Mobile, along with the rare 5th level Soul Stone system, the unique Vo Huan Lenh – Batte Pass, Valentine’s fireworks for white Valentine’s Day add romance or 3D perspective, brand new photo effects.​

The photography interface has been upgraded with sharp 3D viewing angles and diverse effects

Duong Danh Tu Hai version has been officially launched, VLTK Mobile gamers can fully experience the new feature system starting today 6/3.​

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