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Sixteen teams were present in Katowice with the desire to advance through the group stage and compete in front of a passionate crowd at the Spodek Arena.

But unfortunately, that did not happen when the Katowice regional government announced just before the start of the match playoff that they withdraw their decision about organize a tournament with a large audience inside the arena, citing global health concerns caused by the corona virus.


Although there was no audience, the show continued, and the teams put on a spectacular performance on stage. CSGO.

There was a definite shortage in the early stages of the group stage, as most of the higher ranked teams made it past this stage to enter the playoffs. Astralis quickly secured a 2-0 victory over Cloud9, Vitality and Fnatic to secure a spot in the semifinals. Both Na’Vi and G2 Esports continued to perform well, true to their top spot at BLAST Premier Spring.

100 Thieves was the biggest surprise of the group stage. After being beaten 2-0 by G2 in the first series, they went on three consecutive winning streaks to advance to the playoffs, including two successful “backslashes” against Evil Geniuses and mousesports.


During the playoffs, the star of Na’Vi, s1mple took his team to the finals with a win over Team Liquid and Astralis’ stomp was nothing like we’ve seen in the Danish shooters. G2 beat Fnatic in a tough series.

In the final, Na’Vi won the first 16-4. Both teams had a tense match at Dust 2, but once again Na’Vi prevailed to take a 2-0 lead. Na’Vi eventually took down G2 completely on another of their maps, Mirage, 16-2 and claimed the championship trophy and $250,000 prize pool.​

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