Monkey King: Hero is Back – God of War China will soon be available to gamers

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Monkey King: Hero is Back is a game based on the movie of the same name by director Tian Xiao Peng. The game is a collaboration between Sony Entertainment and two other units, October Media of China and Oasis Games of the US. In the game, players will be playing the role of Qi Tian Dai Thanh (Monkey King) and join a journey with many challenges.


This is a product that Sony wants to target the Asian market. This game is dubbed China’s “God of War” and will be released exclusively on PS4.At the China Joy 2018 event, the game brought a trailer to introduce more clearly the content, and the house. The developer also answered questions from reporters regarding the game.



According to what is introduced, the game operation is relatively simple, the characters’ moves are quite beautiful. The game developer’s representative also gives players a lot of advice with the game, how to move, how to complete missions… In the game there are also many saw characters who appeared in the movie. but basically in line with the traditional Chinese cultural image.
It is expected that the game will be released this year and exclusively on PS, with the announcement at this China Joy event, very soon tomorrow, players will officially experience this super product.

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