Minecraft – Things not to do when encountering mobs in the game

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In the article a long time ago, Download.vn introduced to you the system Types of mobs in the game MinecraftHowever, there’s still no article about how to deal with them accidentally facing them. Mobs in Minecraft are quite diverse in both types and abilities, there are mobs that can be tamed, there are mobs, some can be destroyed, some are best to run immediately when seeing them.

In today’s article, you will learn some “bloody” experiences and if you want to survive in “Mine-world”, you must remember these things.

1. Never look directly at an Enderman

For those who play Minecraft on the computer (version below 1.9), when accidentally bumping an Enderman, it is best to be very careful. Because in this version, on the computer screen there will be “crosshair” and if it is within 64 blocks (from the position of Enderman that you let the crosshair touch any part of Enderman it will attack work you.

The possibilities of “supermodel mobs” are huge, so if you want to hunt safely, players will need a little camouflage. If there are no conditions, use pumpkins, putting them on top will reduce the Endermans’ attention, you will easily approach them, however, this method also has the disadvantage that the player will be difficult to observe. to attack.

In addition, there is another way is to build houses or pillars 3 or more blocks high to support attack, if possible build it with 4 blocks, because from this height, the Enderman all have to give up.

How to survive against mobs in the game Minecraft
If possible, armor should be used while attacking Enderman

2. Do not try to destroy Zombies or Endermans with a bow and arrow

If you can not upgrade your arrows to the highest level, then it is best not to try to destroy Zombies or Enderman with this weapon. Why? Because these are 2 mobs with the fastest speed in Minecraft game. While the bows and arrows were still flying in the air, they were able to teleport to avoid the attack, moreover, if you remember, Enderman also has the ability to “teleport – teleport”, they will detect and disable arrows as soon as you get out.

As for Zombies, they are most effectively destroyed with the weapon is the Sword. In particular, if you are raising a “pet” (wolf), just attack the zombie first, the rest, the tamed mobs will perform.

3. Build walls against mob Spider

The walls in Minecraft game are always very important, not only can help users prevent attacks from enemies but also hide and attack safely. However, that was only for most enemies. Because in Minecraft there are also Spiders, a type of mob that can climb any straight wall, even jump over if those walls are too low.

Imagine resting at night that a mob of mobs come, surely nothing will be good. For best results, keep this in mind “Spider mobs can climb walls, but cannot pass blocks above it”. That is, to ensure maximum safety, when building walls, design more protruding blocks in a perpendicular direction so that Spider cannot climb.

How to deal with encountering mobs in Minecraft game
Sword is the best weapon to destroy Zombies

4. Never attack the Iron Golem

That’s right, it’s never allowed to attack an Iron Golem, unless you created it. The reason is simple, Iron Golems are considered the guardians of the village, so if you destroy them, you will decrease the popularity of yourself and the village. That is not to mention, if you attack the Iron Golem, it also means you face one of the most “buffalo” mobs in Minecraft, the loss will be huge.

5. Do not fight boss mob without a good weapon

Boss mob is the common name of the strongest and most dangerous mobs in Minecraft. Therefore, make sure you have the best weapons in your hand before you want to confront them. Some of the recommended weapons are:

  • High level protective iron armor or diamond armor.
  • A good sword or bow (enchanted level or diamond).
  • Golden apple or a high-grade healing food.
  • Dust, gravel, sand … for use when stuck, stuck.
  • Invite more friends, because boss mobs have a large amount of health, single combat is often dangerous and ineffective.

6. Do not fight Silverfish in its “field”

In the Silverfish area there are usually many different individuals, if you attack it there, all the other Silverfish will appear and increase your danger many times. The best solution is to stay alert, move to another area and “settle grievances” here. Or if you have a diamond sword, you can “kill” it with a single hit then even being in the Silverfish area does not matter.

This advice also applies to Zombies and Pigman.

How to deal with Mobs in the game Minecraft

7. Don’t attack the Witch

Although not a mob, but the Witch in the game Minecraft is also extremely dangerous and can attack you with dangerous poisons that no armor can resist. In addition, Witches are resistant to fire, can breathe underwater, move at a very high speed … so if possible, avoid them absolutely!

If fighting is a must, make sure you have a good sword and a high level protective talisman (the only thing that can withstand a Witch’s attack). The best way to destroy a Witch is to attack long range with a high level bow and arrow.

Minecraft mineshaft - Emergenceingame
Mineshaft – one of the most dangerous places in the game Minecraft

The above article has just suggested to you some necessary information when confronting mobs in the game Minecraft. Maybe not all, but surely this will be useful knowledge to help you survive in that Fantasy World.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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