Match result 2 Legend of Conqueror: Victory called Teacher Bup!

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Era of Legends – The “giant” seems to be making other fairy swordplay games wary every day
while doing a good job of connecting with the community when continuously organizing many new and interesting events. The most recent is League of Legends of Conqueror gather the famous streamer quartet is “storming” all over the gaming community right from the fierce opening battle.


And at 8 p.m. on July 31 last year, The fierce battle between “Prince of Darkness” Lazy Boy and “Princess of Light” Teacher Doll took place in front of thousands of gamers of the Legendary Era. With a different gameplay, like no other and ecstatic fighting skills, this survival battle has brought viewers moments of “extreme” entertainment with extremely breathtaking PK screens.


And after 40 minutes of tension making viewers unable to take their eyes off the screen, The next name that will enter the final round of Legend of Conqueror taking place on August 8 with Caster Dukiee was announced with the convincing victory of Teacher Doll.. However, the 3rd and 4th places are still looking for a worthy owner The match will “explode” on August 4 on the fanpage of the Legendary Era between Thut TV and Lazy Boy.promises a tough battle with many challenges and extremely unpredictable.

Moreover, the opportunity to own valuable gifts such as: 55-inch Samsung 4K TV, airpod 2 headset or genuine power bank when participating in the race to vote for favorite “idol” on the official landing page is still there. waiting for players of the Legendary Era to come and “win” back. So what are you waiting for without watching the fierce battles and predicting who will become the Legend of Conqueror?

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