Manage search engine on Maxthon browser on Windows

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Maxthon is a strange operating system, but it offers many interesting features along with security functions to help you browse the web in a safer, more private way. Besides, you can also manage the search engine on the Maxthon browser on Windows to choose the appropriate default search engine.

Manage search engines on Maxthon browser in Windows will help you set up install, add, remove default search engine on the browser to avoid confusing use of search engines. Maxthon is one of the few powerful browsers capable of doing this.

Manage search engine on Maxthon browser on Windows

Step 1: Download and install Maxthon here if your computer does not have this powerful browser: Download Maxthon

Step 2: On Maxthon browser you click on the icon 3 dashes In the right corner of the window, select Settings.

Maxthon Maxthon on Windows

Step 3: In the section Maxthon Settingsg you find the option Search Engines Management to manage search engine on Maxthon browser on Windows.

MaxThon Maxthon on Windows 2

Step 4: With Search Engines Management you can manage search engine settings on Maxthon browser with 5 main functions:

Add: More search engine
Edit: Fix search engine
Delete: Remove search engine
Move Up/Move Down: Move up and down search engine preference.

MaxThon Maxthon on Windows 3

Step 5: The Edit and Add tools are both quite similar in usage. In the section Name you enter the display name of the search engine on the browser, Search URL is the address of the search engine and finally Alias as secondary information.

MaxThon Maxthon on Windows 4

Step 6: When you have added any search engine you want, to set the top priority of that engine you use Move up to push it first, then in the Default search engine section, select the engine. search it like in the picture.

Maxthon Maxthon on Windows 5

Step 7: You can remove one or more search engines by pressing Delete Press Add from recommended search engines to get the recommended search engines restored.

Maxthon Maxthon on Windows 6

With a guide to managing the search engine on Maxthon browser on Windows, it will help you set up and edit the search engine as well as quickly get used to how Maxthon’s features are faster.
In addition, Maxthon is a powerful browser with fast startup speed and many built-in utilities such as the powerful AdHunter ad blocker, which is no less than Adblock Plus on other browsers. For use Adhunter on Maxthon It is also very easy to help you completely remove annoying ads when surfing the web with this browser.

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