Luc Thien Chi Sword cut down the fairies with a beautiful scene

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The game is set in the oriental mythological world, where the chaos of the Three Realms takes place, love rages, entering that world the fairies will play important characters, going to kill together. except demons to protect humanity.


Players will meet the classic characters in Ngo Thua An’s Journey to the West, these are the NPCs that will help you in the process of conquering ghosts, enhancing strength… Besides the locations Names only found in myths such as Thien Cung, Nu Nhi Quoc… are built in the game’s vast map to create a scene that will surely make the first half fall.


In Sword of Luc Thien Chi, players can open the gates in each copy to challenge and then collect a lot of attractive gifts, in addition, each copy will also have extremely attractive Boss battles and countless activities. Others are waiting for players to join. And with the first role-playing games indispensable for the clan system, Luc Thien Chi Kiem with a diverse guild system gives players many different experiences and especially dramatic PK battles between guilds.


In short, Luc Thien Chi Kiem still has the points of a traditional role-playing game, with an attractive storyline, beautiful graphics, and exciting guild activities and Boss fights, then this is a game worth trying. . Currently the game has an Android version and in the near future there will be an iOS version, interested readers can download games follow the link below.

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