LQMB: What to do when you get a new champion?

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Young buffalo test generals“- A new hobby that gamers role-playing action Arena of Valor for players holding new rank, but extremely” chicken “even become” weight “for the whole team.

In fact, the LQMB action game still gives a new hero to the player, but instead of getting acquainted, test this hero in a separate area, practice mode, many gamers use it in the match. Officially against other players.

This not only affects the testing, familiarization of skills, and understanding of the uses of that champion, but also the result of the match, the prestige points, the win rate of the teammates are at risk of being reduced. .

Proficient in General in League of Legends Mobile

Top strategy game Arena of Valor has a measuring system “Proficient General” is divided into 5 levels, including: D, C, B, A and S.

The distance to go from the lowest (D level) to higher levels takes more time and more proficiency scores, for example:

  • From level D to level C: 100 proficiency required
  • From level C to level B: Need 300 proficiency points
  • From level B to level A: Requires 1000 proficiency points
  • From A to S: Requires 2000 proficiency points
Some new generals in League of Legends Mobile
Some new generals in League of Legends Mobile

With each beautiful KDA victory when playing Arena of Valor, gamers will receive a maximum of 36 proficiency points. But if you lose heavily, you will only get a few points. In the past, only champions that were proficient at level C or above were able to compete, but now they can’t. It is for this reason that many “ATSM” gamers have often brought new generals to the test, resulting in the whole team “eating onions”, and themselves, they are “eaten” without mercy from the field. team.

What to do when receiving a new general in Arena of Valor

To limit the above and improve your skills, get acquainted more and better with your new hero, it’s best to follow the instructions below. Download.vn to get acquainted with the new hero in LQMB.

General Yena in the Army of Mobile
General Yena in the Army of Mobile

1. Test of generals in Normal Duel – Training – Training match

Practice battle is a practice mode that allows players to freely and freely choose their opponents from the list of available generals. You can choose any champion, AD, SP, Tank, Spell or control …

This mode takes players to fight in the 5vs5 map, with 1 single opponent. Both of them came out from the mid lane. Those who are new or just received a new hero, can join this mode to try the basic operations, test and observe the character about:

  • Attack range
  • Mechanism of overcoming or not crossing any terrain?
  • Single skill
  • Combo skills (combine single skills in order, time …)
  • Cooldown

2. Enter Normal Battle – Options – Endless Plains 5v5

After you have grasped the basics of how to play as well as the effects and how to perform the skills of that character, you can start to try with the 5v5 Endless Plains mode and try the machine with many different levels. (option).

Players will compete in the traditional map, 5v5 genre. Although the “level” of the machine is only average and moderate, it will definitely give gamers more experience and flexibility in gameplay compared to Duel.

General Ai in League of Legends Mobile
General Ai in League of Legends Mobile

3. Play Normal Duel (Combination match 5v5)

At this point, you have been fully trained and able to “go social”. Try your hand at Normal Duel PvP mode (5v5). Arena of Valor will automatically scan and filter objects with the same level and rank as you to team up. This is a great and best time to check your champion proficiency at what level and what is lacking?

4. Leo Rank

Finally, after completing the above stages and winning multiple matches in Normal Duels, you can enter the Arena and try to rank up with your teammates.

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