LOL – Twisted Fate is buffed in version 10.5, gamers “fight” to pick

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In the upcoming version of LOL 10.5, Twisted Fate will have a lot of changes and these changes can be temporarily considered beneficial to players. Twisted Fate promises to be a champion that is warmly welcomed by gamers.

Before, Twisted Fate used to be picked by many gamers to go mid, but this pick rate has decreased significantly when there are other stronger mid lane champions. However, in version 10.5, gamers will have to “fight” to pick Twisted Fate because it has been remade. So what has changed with Twisted Fate, readers find out with!

twisted fate is buffed by League of Legends 10.5

In the upcoming LOL 10.5, Twisted Fate was revealed by Riot with a lot of changes. The most significant change is that Twisted Fate gets buff to increase farming ability. According to the lead game designer – Yetter, this change is intended to improve the pick rate and increase the win rate when fighting for this champion.

Previously, according to, TF was a champion with an average pick rate and required players to have high skills, especially with skill W (Choose cards). If you draw a Green card at the wrong time (for example, you need a Yellow card) then you are more likely to be in danger in mid lane as well as in teamfights.

Because of the above weaknesses, in version 10.5, the developer has calculated the division AP ratio on TF cards so that players, especially those who want to test this champion, will play more easily. Accordingly, the interaction rate with AP increased from 0.5 AP up 0.9 AP for Green cards and increase from 0.5 AP up 0.7 AP with the Red Card. That’s a significant increase in damage, and when combined with other TF essentials, TF will be a lot more dangerous than last season.

The publisher hopes that with these changes, TF will be well received by the players and this champion will be picked more in the future. What do you think about this change? Let’s wait and test to feel you! other-pick-56503n.aspx
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