List of best games in Than Thai Club

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Than Thai Club is a game with the most influence and prestige today, giving players the best experience with many new and attractive titles, let’s explore with Taimienphi the best card games in Than Thai Club please.

As a general card game portal, including traditional card games from 52 cards to exploding jar games, Than Thai Club owns a beautiful interface with super strong transmission speed that will promise to bring you the best experiences. very good.

list of best games in than thai club

If you are a fan of online card games, you will certainly find it hard to ignore what Than Thai Club game brings. With traditional and modern card games, providing a full range of game genres that are loved by many players today and will appeal to you from the very beginning.

For those of you who do not have the game Than Thai Club, you can download it here:

– For those of you using Android operating system: Than Thai Club for Android
– For those of you using Ios operating system: Than Thai Club for iPhone
– If you want to play on computer (PC): Than Thai Club for PC

first. Traditional card game Than Thai Club

– Moving to the South (TLMN)
– Mau Binh (MB)
– Phom (Ta La)
– Poker (Poker)
– Lieng (Coming soon)

list of the best games in than thai club 2

2. Than Thai Club’s exploding slot game

– Dragon Lan Quy Phung slot game
– Kingdom of God slot game
– Cowboy slot game
– Mini game Poker
– Easter mini game
– Diamond mini game

3. Most Played Games on Than Thai Club

list of best games in than thai club 3

Mini-game Prophet (Xoc disc, also known as parity): is a simple game, easy to understand and does not take much time. The game is quite risky.

+ In the game, the score is calculated as the total score of 3 dice (dice), each dice consists of 6 faces and the player can only place Over or Under. After each spin will determine win or lose.

+ Total score of 3 dice from 3 to 10 is Under. Still 11 to 18 is Over

+ Below the table are the results of the previous games. White (under) and Black (upper)

list of best games in than thai club 4

– And the games of exploding jars also have a lot of participants.

+ As simple games, players only need to place bets for each spin and set the auto spin mode.
+ If on a spin, there are 5 pictures with the word Jackpot, the player will explode the jar.
+ The higher the bet level for each spin, the bigger the bonus.

4. Advantages of the game

– Attractive and highly entertaining slot game
– The interface is designed to be easy to see
– There are many events to give money, giftcode
– Fast, reputable and friendly recharge and reward exchange
– The fan page community is diverse and active
With what Than Thai Club card game brings, you will surely have the most fun and comfortable entertainment moments with your favorite card game. Wish you happy gaming.

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List of best games in Than Thai Club

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