Learn online but don’t have a webcam, follow the steps below to take advantage of the camera of your iPhone and Android phone

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In this article, you can try out apps that make use of your iPhone’s camera and Android phone’s camera as a webcam over a wired and wireless connection.

For many different reasons, such as transportation problems, many families were unable to buy webcams for online learning on laptops or PCs. In this article, parents can try out applications that make use of iPhone and Android phones’ cameras as webcams, thereby helping students’ learning without interruption.

With a wireless connection, you can use a cross-platform iOS/Android app called DroidCam by developer Dev47app to turn your phone’s camera into a webcam. The features on the free version of DroidCam are considered to be sufficient, providing a pretty good experience. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to upgrade to the paid version of DroidCamX ($5).

: Download and install DroidCam on Google Play or & App Store. Users continue to download more DroidCam Client applications on PC you download from the DroidCam homepage at https://www.dev47apps.com/droidcam/windows/. Once both are installed, make sure that your computer and phone are using the same Wi-Fi network.

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DroidCam is a cross-platform iOS/Android app called DroidCam that turns your phone’s camera into a webcam

Step 2: Launch DroidCam on the phone, and also launch the DroidCam Client on the computer, by clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop.

: Now the DroidCam application on the smartphone will display the device’s IP address in the WIFI IP section (eg Meanwhile, the DroidCam’s PC app will display the Connect box. Proceed to enter the IP address of the smartphone (shown in the Wifi IP section on the phone application).

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Type the IP address (eg shown in the Wifi IP section on the DroidCam phone into the Device IP box on the PC version of the Droidcam. The DroidCam Port section defaults to 4747.

: After entering the IP, click Start so that the DroidCam application on PC and smartphone connects and synchronizes with each other.

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When the connection is successful, the image obtained from the front / rear camera on the phone will be displayed in the preview screen of the application, showing that the application is working properly.

Connecting via USB cable offers more advantages in terms of stability, transmission speed, and image quality than a wireless connection, which can be problematic if the Wifi signal is unstable or insufficient. fast.

In this article, you can try out the recently launched and well-reviewed app Camo. Accordingly, the free version of Camo (developed by Reicubate) has a pretty good user experience and more diverse customization features than other applications like DroidCam.

It should be noted, this application only supports connection via Lighting to USB cable (with iOS devices) or Type C / Micro USB to USB cable (with Android devices) to connect to PC/Mac. However, the way to install Camo is quite similar to DroidCam.

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Camo Studio application interface on PC, with a lot of options for resolution, custom lighting, color, contrast

First, install the Camo app — webcam for Mac and PC by searching on Google Play / AppStore. Then, install more Camo Studio – PC/MAC version of Camo at the following link https://reincubate.com/camo/downloads/ .

After installing the application, plug the charging cable into the smartphone and connect it to the PC/Mac.

: Launch Camo Studio app on PC/Mac, then launch Camo app on smartphone. At this time, Camo Studio will automatically recognize and connect to the camera on the smartphone to display it as a webcam, users do not need to do any extra steps.

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In case the Camo app on smartphones is not recognized, the developer recommends that users try unplugging and re-plugging the USB cable.

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After the webcam ’emulation’ is successful, the phone’s camera will display under the name of the webcam ’emulator’ software. Users can always use it in online meeting software such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams without further customization.

Noteworthy, to be able to use the Camo app. Go to Settings > Info > Software info > More info, and click 7 times on the Build number line to activate Developer Options.

Then go back to Settings > System, you will see the Developer Options entry. Continue here to enable the “USB debugging” option. This guide is done on Vsmart phones, if you use a different version of the operating system or a smartphone of another company, the method will be almost the same.


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