League of Legends: Ways to earn branded points (2019-2020)

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Brand-name costumes 2019 are about to end the change from brand-name shops and League of Legends will launch new replacement outfits on February 3, 2020.. Old skins will only be available as a random drop from Hextech crafting after that date. This means you only have time until February 3, 2020 to accumulate enough points and buy costumes in the brand-name shop. Please also refer to Download.vn some ways to earn points for the fastest brand and own the last branded costumes before it disappears.

Brand name 2019

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Instructions on how to earn brand points in League of Legends (LOL).

First, let’s look at the different ways you can get 100 Brand Points and use these before they disappear from the store.

Shen Ma Facts (125 branded stores)

This will be the most cost effective option for gamers as the Night & Dawn Event Pass is priced at just 200 RP in the store. You can get lots of cool rewards and other Hextech crafting items from cards. There are 2 ways to get points through the last event of the year.

25 Points – Mission

You can earn 25 Brand Points just by playing League of Legends in Summoner’s Rift mode, (ARAM) or even the Arena of Truth! You will receive 5 quests in turn to win the game, each rewarding 5 points of brand.

100 PP – Buy for 2500 points God Ma

Once you have the Event Pass, you will need to go through quests to collect Magic God points. You can also earn God Ma points through the purchase of inner packs Store. Once we have 2,500 points of God Ma, we can use it to exchange for 100 brand-name points.

Ghost points

Note: If you want to start collecting brand name 2020 points, your first chance will start on January 15, 2020. This is confirmed by Riot.

Use brand name points when there are not 100 points to change outfits

When you do not have enough brand points to change outfits, the points you have accumulated will be wasted. Therefore, League’s year-end brand store has 12 more items priced at 50, 25, 15, 5, 3 or 1 brand name point.

  • Super bag 2019: 50 points
  • Chinese New Year Bag: 50 points
  • Bag simulator: 50 points
  • Brand expression Can’t resist: 25 pts
  • Branded Goods Icon 2019: 5 points
  • Golden Try Fire Icon 2019: 5 points
  • Gold trophy icon: 5 points
  • Hextech Course: 3 points
  • 30 Orange Essence: 1 PP

Brand name shop

Attention: Be sure to use all of your 2019 Brand Points by Feb. 3, after that they’ll be gone forever and the 2019 item look won’t appear any more. Pay attention not to waste the points you currently have.

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