League of Legends: Galio’s new skill after rework

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Galio – Protective Ghost is officially available on the PBE test server today (March 8). Galio appeared with a completely new appearance, capable of flying high into the sky, then punched the ground with a powerful blow, knocking the opponent.

Galio’s new look is predominantly white marble, a stone that counteracts evil magic. Now, Ghost bat will have a new name as the Giant, with extraordinary strength known as “Super hero” in League of Legends. So what new skills does this general invite you to refer to the following article:


New skills Galio after rework

Giant Punch (Passive)

  • Your next basic attack deals bonus magic damage over a wide area, increasing bonus attack damage and magic resist.
  • Cooldown decreased each time a single champion hits.

Winds of War (Q)

  • Launches 2 whirlwinds of wind that deal magic damage, when two winds meet will create a vortex that deals great damage.
  • Damage will be based on the target’s maximum health.

The wind of war

Shield of Durand (W)

  • Intrinsic: If you do not take damage for an average time, you will receive a shield that absorbs magic damage.
  • Hold W: Put Galio on defense, reducing damage taken but moving more slowly.
  • Drop W: Taunts enemy champions around, the taunt range will be proportional to the time in defense.

Jail of Justice (E)

  • Jump back to unleash powerful punches, knock all targets and damage them.
  • Stop when punching the first terrain or champion.

Justice punch

The Hero Appears (R)

  • Choose an ally as a landing spot for you, then soar into the sky, then fly straight down to the location your ally assigns.
  • Upon landing, it deals magic damage to all enemies in the area and knocks them up. This effect lasts longer if the enemy is in the center of the landing.

After reworking Galio to become a real tanking general, possessing supernatural powers promises to become the general favorite among gamers.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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