Laughing at the weekend with the top 5 Japanese anime with comedy

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Funny and entertaining anime are not a few in the anime world, if not a lot. But here are the top 5 funny anime from the first seconds to the last minutes that you should not miss.

5. Daily Lives of High School Boys (Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou)


The Daily Life of High School Boys has extremely humorous content. The three male leads are best friends and all the boys in the school have the same jovial character, doing all sorts of shit. Right from episode 1, there were many situations that made you laugh and cry, like three boys trying on their sister’s schoolgirl uniform and then setting a man to change. Just when they were excited to tease each other 18+ things, the younger sister came home and caught a scene that couldn’t be more “wordless”, … There are also countless naughty games of school age that you don’t know. I can imagine there are people who can come up with these tricks.

4. Baka And Test (Baka Test to Shoukanjuu)


This anime has the content about the “dangerous but pretending to be stupid” students of class F. Because the facilities are dilapidated and poor, these students have decided to rise up to win opportunities. facilities are better in other classes. In addition, these students especially wanted to prove that “scores aren’t everything” by deciding battles with their own summoned beasts.

3. Fairy Tail


The Sorcerer’s Guild opens with the story of Lucy, a 17-year-old girl with dreams of becoming a true spirit mage. Then one day she went to Harujion town and met Natsu – a 4D teenager who has the ability to use fire magic very cool but becomes useless when he gets motion sickness. You don’t read it wrong, as long as you use any means of transportation, Natsu is also in a state of waiting to vomit. With a personality like no other, Natsu also possesses ancient magic taught by a dragon named Igneel and is a member of the super-smug guild Fairy Tail. It’s called the Mage’s Guild, but this is the real Mage’s Guild and is a collection of all the mages with the most muddled personalities, including the top Master.

2. One Punch Man


This is the story of a young man who works as an office worker, handsome and serious, who is 23 years old, but still has a job. For some reason, suddenly all the hair on his body fell out, became naked, and he possessed a special supernatural ability “punch to death”, so people called him One Punch Man. He used this supernatural power to protect the earth and his city from alien creatures (protection is much, but destruction is equally as much).

first. Gintama


Gintama is a series set in the Edo period, Japan was invaded by aliens. The characters in the story are named after real characters in history. The main character Gintoki makes fans crazy because of his 4D personality. Normally, he always does a few monkey games, but when needed, he is cool, making a solid support for other characters. Such a plot is enough to know how funny this manga is, but there are also many parts that make readers cry. It’s both funny and meaningful, so I ranked Gintam at the top 1.

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