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Are you ready to stand up against the dark forces, become the new WoW Lord to rule the 2 worlds? Strategy game officially launched at 10am on 11/1/2021 with loads of super valuable WoW New Lords Code.

With the support of the gifts located in Gift Code New Lord WoWthe heroes easily got off to a good start on their journey to rescue Azeroth, recruit generals from the world of Warcraft and DotA to protect the world.

1. Introducing the game New Lord WoW Mobile

The new WoW Lords is an AFK strategy game from the publisher Gzone with the context of the WoW continent being invaded by the dark forces, the player plays the role of a hero to recruit warriors from the World of Warcraft and DotA to form a squad. The 10 strongest people, the journey to rescue becomes the New Lord to rule the 2 worlds.

2. Outstanding features of the game New Lord WoW Mobile

– AFK strategy game, auto-fight even when you’re offline.
– Bright 2D chibi graphics, easy-to-see vertical screen gameplay
– Give VIP 5 as soon as you log in, take attendance to increase VIP level
– Over 100 warriors from the world of Warcraft and DotA for you to recruit.
– Each warrior has his own fighting style, special skills
– Suitable for vegetarian farmers, can still be strong without charging
– Countless unique activities such as PvE, PvP, Arena, Practice Test, Boss Hunt … spread out the time frames for gamers to comfortably participate.

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Summary of the latest WoW Mobile New Lords Code

3. Why enter the game Code New Lords WoW ?

For vegetarian farmers, entering the Code New Lord WoW is absolutely necessary, you do not need to recharge but still have VIP 5, strong warriors, gold … and many other rare equipment to help the squad fight stronger. . Enter Code New Lord:
– Get VIP 5
– Get Level Up VIP Points
– Get Free Gold (most precious resource.
– Get SSSSR Generals
– Get Titles, Fashion, Divine Soldiers
– Get Rare equipment

4. Latest WoW New Lord Code

Taimienphi is updating and adding the latest GiftCode of the newest WoW New Lords game, visit the article regularly to receive more rewards.

5. How to enter Code New Lord WoW

* Request:
– Character Level 20 or higher to enter the Imperial City.
– Update the latest version of the New Lord WoW.
+ Link to download Android version: New Lord WoW for Android
+ Link to download iOS version: New Lord WoW for iPhone

Step 1: At the main screen, go to Imperial city select Welfare Hall.


Step 2: Next you choose the card GiftCodeimport Code New Lord WoW the latest in the empty box => press the button Receive under. Rewards are sent via Letters.

How to use the code melt soar wow

Step 3: To enter Letters receive rewards after using Code New Lord WoW successfully.


6. How to get more New WoW Lords Code
If you want to get even more New Lords WoW Game Code, please visit the game’s official channels regularly and join the events above:
– New Lord WoW homepage
– Facebook New Lord WoW
– Group Tan Lords WoW
– Website received CODE GAME other.

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