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Use promo codes, codes to change skins, God, … . Refer to the following article of to find out a list of promotional codes, redemption codes, SMITE game codes, which are being played by many players today.

Previous Post introduced you to the list Trove game code . The following article will introduce you to the list SMITE game code and how to exchange codes, codes for gifts in the game.

smite game code

List of SMITE game Giftcode codes

How to get and enter SMITE Game Code

1. Follow Facebook SMITE account to receive rewards

Access Here

– Follow Facebook to receive Ra god, Solar Eclipse skin
– Follow YouTube to receive Nu Wa god, Water Dance skin
– Follow Twitter to receive Artemis god, Stalker skin
– Follow SMITE on Twitch to receive Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll

smite game code

2. How to get Digital Loot Pack

By participating in the SMITE World Championship tournament, part of the Hi-Rez Expo (HRX) program, you will receive promotional codes, special codes in exchange for the Digital Loot Pack.

GiftCode smite

Each year, the award structure will change:

enter code smite game

3. Get the SMITE Redemption Code on Alienware

To claim the SMITE redemption code on Alienware, simply visit the Alienware Arena homepage HERE and create an account, then click the . button GET KEY and redeem code for rewards.

ghost code smite every day

4. How to enter GiftCode SMITE to get gifts

To redeem code, SMITE game code for rewards, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the SMITE game you have installed on your computer.

If you do not have SMITE game installed, you can visit here to download the game and install it.

=> Link to download SMITE for Windows
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Step 2: Find and click Store located in the menu on the left.
Step 3: Next click Store located in the menu on the right.
Step 4: Click to select menu Bundles and choose Account.
Step 5: Enter the code, code in the box to redeem the gift.
The above article has just introduced you a list of promo codes, SMITE game codes. Similarly, PlanetSide 2 is also a game that many people like and refer to Code PlanetSide 2 to receive valuable gifts.

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