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The full and latest Full Code of Ninja Journey will always be updated regularly by Taimienphi every day to make it easy for readers to use, luggage for everyone. Mobile Ninja Journey is the latest strategy game from NPH REGZ.

In order for gamers to have no difficulty in their journey to becoming a legendary ninja, NPH REGZ continuously launches many giveaways. Code of Journey of the Rings like rain, ensuring players have the opportunity to compete tactically with each other more quickly.

1. Introduction to the game Journey of the Ring

Ninja Journey – Vertical screen strategy game with a diverse and rich character system, more than 300 sub-versions and many activities to challenge the player’s ability. The Ninja’s Journey realistically simulates each character in the famous Naruto series, skills and combat abilities.

2. Highlights of the Ninja Journey game

– Naruto strategy game vertical screen
– Sharp graphics, good-looking colors and realistic voiceover sound
– Hundreds of realistic simulated characters, rich skills
– The system of mutual rebirth, charm increases the effect
– Hands-free PK, AFK still receiving good items.


Summary of the latest Mobile Ninja Journey Code

3. Why must enter the game Code of the Ninja Journey game?

Premium Recruit Ticket, Ryou, Chakra, Breakthrough Knife, Step Up Knife, Trust Book, Forbidden Ninja Card, Treasure Ticket and Bronze are resources that any player can receive after entering the Ninja Journey Code that Taimienphi has compiled right below.

4. Latest Ninja Journey Code List

– NARUTO2022


5. The fastest way to enter the Ninja Journey Code

Step 1: Log in the game, click the icon Avatar => choose Setting.

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Step 2: In the table Settingchoose Redeem Gifts.
Step 3: Import Code of Journey of the Ringspress Change.

Enter the code to be happy with the family

Step 4: Click any location collect rewards.

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6. How to get new Ninja Journey Code
Some official communication channels where gamers can receive new Ninja Journey Code when participating in the event, or receive from other players.
– The Journey of the Rings Homepage
– Fanpage of the Journey of the Ring
– Group Journey of the Ninja
– Youtube Journey of Ninja
– Zalo channel
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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