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Similar to other strategy games, Grandmaster also allows players to receive exclusive rewards after entering GiftCode, the new Grand Master Code gift codes below not only provide equipment but also many free KNB fee.

If you are looking for an online game on mobile that is both hot, beautiful and good and has many unique features, Grandmaster is the most reasonable choice, hundreds of adventure maps for players to explore. break. Code Great Grandmaster will be updated by Taimienphi every day right here.

1. Introducing the game Great Grand Master Mobile

Dai Tong Su is a role-playing swordplay game developed based on famous novels by writer Kim Dung, where players recruit other martial arts masters such as Hoang Duoc Su, Kim Mao Su Vuong, Tieu Long Nu, Hoang Dung …. established a team of 4 wanderers, defeated the evil tycoon.

2. Outstanding features of the game Great Grandmaster Mobile

– Game of swordsmanship combined with Action RPG vertical screen
– Unlimited features and great learning
– Party supplement, real-time PvP
– Work hard to plow KNB for free
– Good friends support, borrow generals to fight
– More than 100 adventure maps
– Bang war, Boss bang, Blood War, Thi Luyen, Lei Dai, Luan Chien … the way to play every day is different.

The code is long and simple

Synthesize the latest Code of Dai Tong Su Mobile

3. Why enter the Code of the Great Grandmaster game?

It will take you a lot of time to get free champion spins, spend real money to buy Kim Nguyen Bao or train monsters to earn Stone Upgrade equipment. You can earn those things by entering the Code of Great Grandmaster simple, not time consuming and completely free.
– Get Kim Nguyen Bao
– Get Vo Lam Tips
– Receive the Relic of the Dead
– Receive the Treasures of Selection and Ceremony
– Get Experience Pot
– Get Sweeping Voucher
– Get Points for Practice Schedule

4. Latest Grand Master Code

– 42FEF35D12
– 010779D01F
– A32E24A45
– 650B545A29
– 107256422B

Taimienphi will update and add new Grandmaster Codes to readers every day, please come back often for many new rewards.

5. How to enter the Great Grandmaster Code

Step 1: At the main screen in the game, click Work => choose Redeem GiftCode.

How to enter a long code on Android

Step 2: Import Code Great Grandmaster latest in the empty box => click Get Rewardsthe reward the player receives when using the GiftCode Grandmaster will appear on the screen, press the button to exit the interface.

How to enter a long code on iOS

6. How to get a new Grand Master Code
Don’t miss the opportunity to receive more new Great Grandmaster Codes from publishers, you just need to visit the Fanpage and Group links below, join the activities here to own super cool gift codes.
– Grand Master’s homepage
– Facebook Great Grandmaster
– Group Great Grandmaster
– Website received CODE GAME is different.

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