Latest GAIA Password Code and how to enter the code


Password GAIA one of the role-playing games with sharp 3D images. The game has very nice skill effects and lots of features. This paragraph, Minh Vy will guide you how to enter the code and the latest giftcode codes.

Password GAIA

Latest GAIA Gzone Password Code April 2022

LAST CODE UPDATE TIME IS January 13, 2022.

Status Code
Expire ob0fKh6YTjln11
Still active f0CKbvS
Still active 3gp4Dyc
Still active NciJApA
Still active u4DK2bo

Instructions on how to enter giftcode

Step 1: You open the game app on your mobile device → At the main interface, click on the item Gift located on the right side of the screen.

Password GAIA
Click on Gifts

Step 2: You choose the item Gift wrapping (1)Enter the code in the blank box (2) → You press Get Bonus (3) to complete.

Password GAIA
Click Redeem gift package, enter the code and press Receive reward

Step 3: Go back to the main interface → You click on letter icon like the image below.

Password GAIA
Click on the letter icon

Step 4: Select the message with the subject line “Successful giftcode redemption” → Then tap the button Receive to receive gifts from giftcode.

Password GAIA
Select the message, then tap the Receive button

Good luck. Don’t forget to visit the website regularly Online Games to update the giftcode regularly. Thank you gamers for reading my post.


Question about GAIA Cipher code

What is the GAIA Cipher Code?

Password Code GAIA are gift codes inside containing rare costumes, plus experience points, etc. This gift code was created by the publisher to give to its gamers.

Where to get the latest code?

To receive the latest code, you can follow this article of Minh Vy or participate in some events, mini games in the week, in the month to win the exclusive code.

How long can the code be used?

Depending on each mini game, event, the time to use the code is different. So, when you have a new code, enter the code right away, so it won’t take long for you guys.


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