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Right now, gamers can receive Code Than Ma Mobile from publisher SohaGame for newbies, novice code, hurry up and join now so as not to miss any rewards.

God Ma Mobile is a general card strategy game with a lot of unique features and activities, Than Ma Mobile players will meet many famous gods only in legends such as: Emperor Yan, Nu Wa, Thai Thuong Laojun… each character has a unique skill.

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Than Ma Mobile – Good general card strategy game on Android and iOS

General Giftcode: gcthanma

Instructions to receive Code Than Ma Mobile

Step 1: Gamers who want to receive Code Than Ma Mobile, please visit the game’s landing page here and click on Newspaper title right in the middle of the screen.

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Step 2: Appear Deified tablenow please fill in the information First and last name, phone number and email address get the reward (Code Than Ma Mobile) then press Newspaper title.

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Step 3: After Newspaper title successful, you will receive a notice board as shown below, and the reward will be sent to you via Email or phone number registered in the above step.

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In addition, you can also participate in events or Events held regularly on Fanpage or Group forums to receive Code Than Ma Mobile, each Event item is required by the administrator to perform a number of steps. Play done correctly and fully will receive valuable rewards.
+ Join the forum Fanepage Than Ma Mobile here
+ Join Group Than Ma Mobile here

Instructions to enter Code Than Ma Mobile

Step 1: Gamers click on the icon Avarta character image in the top left corner of the screen, then select System installation to go to system settings.

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Step 2: In the section Install System you choose the card GiftCode as shown below.

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Step 3: Enter Code Than Ma Mobile in the empty box in the middle of the screen and click Change. The gift will be sent directly to the character’s inventory, if you enter an unknown or used Giftcode, contact Admind directly for support as soon as possible.

code than ma mobile phone 7
With the method of receiving and entering the Code Than Ma Mobile that Taimienphi has guided you above, hopefully it will help you in the process of experiencing in the early stages of the game. The game Peak Phong Three Kingdoms also officially launched on the same day as Than Ma Mobile, Code Peak Peak Three Kingdoms sent to gamers by NPH through the registration form, if you are interested, please register quickly.

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