Latest Code Sword Master Story 2022 and how to enter the code

Sword Master Story

Sword Master Story is one of the action RPG titles. To pay tribute to gamers, the publisher is constantly creating new giftcodes to give gamers. This paragraph Minh Vy will update the latest giftcode codes and how to enter the code. Let’s start the article together.

Sword Master Story

Latest Code Sword Master Story April 2022


Status Code Gift
New ANGEL1STANNI (HSD January 21, 2022) 700 Ruby
New HI2022SMS (HSD January 24, 2022)
New RUN22RUN (HSD January 26, 2022) 500 Stamina
New GIFT2022 (HSD January 31, 2022) 300 Ruby
New HERO2021SMS (HSD January 19, 2022) 300 Ruby
New ZIOLAUNCH (HSD January 17, 2022)
Still active swordmaster Receive 1 gift box
Expire GOODBYE2021 500 Ruby
Expire GRAEFUL16 1,300 HP
Expire WOW16000 300 Rubies
Expire HAPPYWEEKEND Mystery gift
Expire MOONMOON 500 Rubies
Expire WHOWHOBG 300 Rubies
Expire LUNAR2021 300 Rubies
Expire WISHULUCK 1,000 Health
Expire LUNARNEWYEAR 500 Rubies
Expire CAINCOSTUME 300 Rubies
Expire THXAGAIN 300 Rubies
Expire LUNARSWORD 200 Rubies
Expire APPLEMAINS 300 Rubies
Expire FIVE555 5,000 Rubies
Expire GOUPDATE 5,000 Health
Expire ILOVERUBY 5000 Rubies
Expire KANAKANA 5000 Rubies
Expire ANGEL4YOU 700 Rubies
Expire STOREMAIN 300 Rubies
Expire yes14000 200 Rubies
Expire Go20000 1,400 Rubies
Expire SECONDGIFT 5,000 Rubies
Expire UPUPDATE 500 Health
Expire GO10MILLION 1,000 Health
Expire YESMILLION 500 Rubies
Expire ANGELSTART 700 Rubies
Expire TAKEKANA 300 Rubies
Expire YOUTUBEB 300 Rubies
Expire NEWGAME 300 Rubies
Expire FIREPLACE 300 Rubies
Expire LUCK2021 1,000 Health
Expire COMINGSOON 700 Rubies
Expire NEWCOSTUME 600 Rubies
Expire FAREWELL20 700 Rubies
Expire NEWYEAR2021 1,000 Health
Expire slash 1,000 Health

Instructions on how to enter the code Sword Master Story

Step 1: You proceed to open the game app → At the main interface, click on icon 3 dashes (Menu) located in the top right corner of the screen.

Sword Master Story
Click on the 3 dashes icon

Step 2: Menu interface appears, click on the item Coupon (Coupon) like the image below.

Sword Master Story
Click on Coupon

Step 3: Coupon interface appears, now you Enter the code in the empty box and press Confirm to receive gifts from the code.

Sword Master Story
Enter the code and press the Confirm button

After successfully entering the code, the system will display the received gift in the center of the screen as shown below.

Sword Master Story
Gifts received from code

Good luck. Don’t forget to visit the website regularly Online Games to update the giftcode regularly. Thank you gamers for reading my post.


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