Latest Code of Pirate War (HTDC) 2022 | How to enter the code

Hải tặc đại chiến (HTDC)

Great Pirate War (HTDC) It is a very attractive strategy game. HTDC belongs to a card game based on the plot of the manga series One Piece. This paragraph Minh Vy will summarize the latest giftcode codes, how to receive and enter the code.

About the game

HTDC Card game based on the story of the famous One Piece. When playing the game, players will collect cards of One Piece characters. The player’s task is to build a perfect squad to fight and participate in the adventure of the Pirate King.

Great Pirate War (HTDC)

Latest Pirate War Code (HTDC) April 2022

LAST CODE UPDATE TIME IS February 14, 2022.

Status Giftcodes
New HTHT1402
Expire HTHT3101
Expire HTHT24012022
Expire HTHT17012022
Expire HTHT10012022
Expire HTHT03012022
Expire HTHT2712
Expire HTHT2012
Expire HTHT0612
Expire HTDC2911
Expire HTDC1511
Expire HTDC0811
Expire HTHT0111
Expire HTDC2510
Expire HTHT1810
Expire HTHT1110
Expire CODETUAN0410
Expire CODE2709
Expire CODE2009
Expire CODE1309

Instructions on how to enter the Pirate War code (HTDC)

Quick start Guide

Log in enter the game → Select item Event → Select item Endow → Select item Redeem gift code → Tap Enter giftcode → Enter the code and press Redeem gifts → Go to section Letters to receive rewards.

Detailed instructions

Step 1: Proceed to open the game app and log into the game as usual → Select item Event.

Great Pirate War (HTDC)
Select Events

Step 2: Select Endowthen select Redeem gift code as shown below.

Great Pirate War (HTDC)
Select the Offers section, then select Redeem giftcode

Step 3: Enter the code in the box “Enter giftcode“.

Great Pirate War (HTDC)
Enter the code in the box Enter giftcode

Step 4: Enter the existing code and click on the item Redeem gifts to receive rewards.

Great Pirate War (HTDC)
Enter the code and click on Redeem to receive rewards

Step 5: Go to Letters to receive the gifts contained in the code.

Great Pirate War (HTDC)
Go to Mail to receive gifts

Good luck. Don’t forget to visit the website regularly Online Games to update the giftcode regularly. Thank you gamers for reading my post.



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