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The path to becoming a martial arts master in My Cannon is not an easy thing, but it will be easier if you use the latest My Cannon Code below by Taimienphi, god warrior and great learning god. extremely high-class work.

The dream of becoming a unique martial arts master, wandering in the world and meeting many great beauties will come true after playing My Cannon, a great ancient graphic game with a swordplay storyline. strange. Don’t forget to use the code Code Of My Cannons after you log in.

1. Introducing My Cannon game

My Cannon is a new vertical screen martial arts role-playing game from the publisher TTHOA, the game allows you to join 6 major sects and step by step practice to become the hegemony of martial arts, meeting many beauties. being famous, dating intimately, and practicing the exercises. In addition, My Cannon also has a built-in automatic hang-up feature, you do not need to do the task, but the fighting force is still high.

2. Outstanding features of My Cannon game

– Mobile game swordplay vertical screen novel storyline
– 6 major sects, unique and special cannon system
– Create cool fashion weapons, increase combat power
– Meet and make friends with many famous beauties
– PK activities, Boss hunting, Hoa Son’s Argument, Full Battle of Thunder
– Hang up automatically, level up easily

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3. Why must I enter My Cannon Game Code?

My Cannon Code is something that players should use immediately after logging in, you don’t need to perform tasks, hang up the machine or recharge to buy things, but still have Kim Nguyen Bao, a high level Search Voucher to get martial arts secrets.
– Get Kim Nguyen Bao
– Get Central Search Voucher
– Get Assassination
– Get Enhancement Stones
– Get types of Knitting
– Get Martial Arts Coins

4. My latest Cannon Code

– thancong
– VIP777
– VIP888
– VIP999

Taimienphi is updating and adding many new Codes of My Cannon game right here in this article every time the publisher publishes it on the official forums, please come back often to own many martial arts secrets. .

5. How to Enter My Cannon Code

Step 1: At the main screen in the game, click Avatar figure.
Step 2: Next you choose the gift bag Change right below.

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Step 3: Entering Code Of My Cannons latest at Gift Code.
Step 4: Press the button Change and get the reward right after.

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6. How to get a new My Cannon Code
Events to receive My Cannon Code are still organized by the publisher to create more opportunities to receive valuable Giftcodes for gamers, each code will be a surprise gift for players. Please visit the official pages to receive them every day.
– My Cannon Homepage
– Facebook My God
– My Cannon Group
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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