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After a long wait, the AutoCad 2021 download link is provided to users by the publisher with many new improvements to help users build effective technical drawings, in the article, Taimienphi will go through some points. Highlight and share AutoCad 2021 download link.

AutoCad 2021 is the next version of AutoCad 2020, released by Autodesk in March 25, 2020 with some new features for designing 2D and 3D drawings. AutoCad 2021 supports 7 specialized tools suitable for industry such as Architecture, Electrical,…. With automated tasks, you can make drawings quickly but still accurate to every detail. , save many hours of work.

link to autocad 2021

Latest AutoCad 2021 download link

1. System Requirements

2. AutoCad 2021 download link

=> Link to download AutoCAD 2021
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=> Link to download AutoCAD 2020
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=> Link to download AutoCAD 2019
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3. AutoCad 2021 installation guide

To use the latest AutoCad with full features, users see the Tutorial Install AutoCad 2021 here.

4. New features in AutoCad version 2021

autocad 2021 download link

Trim and Extend: Optimize the working speed of TRIM and EXTEND instructions. Users are also free to customize the settings according to their individual needs.
Rev Cloud: Improved arc dimensioning tool more accurate.
Break At Point: Add a BREAKATPOINT instruction that allows interrupts to be performed at a specific location. Cos can be repeated by pressing Enter, Return or Spacebar.
Quick Measure: Improved QUICK MEASURE command to allow accurate display of area and perimeter information of multiple selections by holding down the Shift key.
DWG History: Allows to display drawing history, compare with previous versions on cloud storage service.

In addition, AutoCad 2021 is also integrated with Google Drivehelping users to backup and edit drawings directly on the cloud storage tool.
Recently, Taimienphi has introduced new features and shared the AutoCad 2021 download link on the computer. If you do not have high needs or device configuration, you can refer to it How to download and install AutoCAD 2020 for smoother, smoother work.

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