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Many events to receive free Code Au Mix by VTC Game for newbies, join now so as not to miss any valuable resources to support players at the beginning of the game, each GiftCode code is provided. different reward value.

Au Mix is one of the new music and dance games from the publisher VTC Game, players are adventurous with exciting musical dances, freely mixing and expressing their own personality style …. And also don’t forget to get Code Au Mix, lots of free skins from NPH.

code au mix

How to get Code Au Mix

Event 1: Hanging Frame avatar to receive gifts
– Reward: Code Au Mix
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: The whole team went in
– Reward: Code Au Mix
+ First prize 3000 Vcoin
+ Overall 2nd prize 2000 Vcoin
+ The third prize is 1000 Vcoin
+ Along with thousands of other gifts.
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Share the post to release the brake
– Reward: Code Au Mix
– Link to join: Event 3

code au mix 2

Join to receive Code Au Mix at Fanpage or Group by following the link below

– Like & Share Fanpage to receive Code Au Mix here.
– Join the Group to receive Code Au Mix here

Instructions for using Code Au Mix

Right now the function of entering Code Au Mix is ​​still not working, readers and gamers who own gift codes have to wait until this feature is officially launched. All information on how to enter Code Au Mix will be continuously updated by Taimienphi here. Pay attention to follow.

Above is the entire content on how to enter Code Au Mix and how to use it, make sure to participate fully to own many precious gifts to make the character more gorgeous and beautiful. Don’t forget to receive Code of Dragon Imprint Mobile, the horizontal screen RPG was also released on the same day.

Link download game Au Mix

If you are a lover of music and art-style games like Auditon, you definitely cannot ignore Au Mix, the new game of the publisher VTC.

– Link to download Android version: Au Mix for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Au Mix for iPhone

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