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To bring moments of discovery Fantasy Sword 3D Great for gamers, the publisher gives extremely valuable GiftCode experience gifts every day, they have been fully synthesized by Taimienphi so that readers don’t waste time searching.

Long Yin, Tan Co, Cang Thanh and Xa Than are the 4 factions that will appear in Fantasy Sword 3D. Each 3D Fantasy Sword character has a completely separate appearance and use of skills, gamers are free to create combos of skills to assert themselves.

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Fantasy Sword 3D – Game Swordsmanship MMORPG 3D for Android and iOS

Latest 3D Fantasy Code


How to get GiftCode Fantasy Sword 3D

One of the simplest ways to receive the 3D Fantasy Code is to participate in the event at the Fanpage, Group and Home page of the 3D Fantasy Sword. Or else you can bookmark this article, here we always update the latest GiftCode.
– Link to the official website of Huyen Kiem 3D here
– Link Fan Page 3D here
– Link Group Fantasy Sword 3D here

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Released on the same day as Fantasy Sword 3D, Than Vuong Nhat The is a Western-style character-shaping Tru Ma game. Of course, players still have to participate in quests, plow hoes to earn PvP or PvE combat items in a huge amount.. Code Than Vuong Nhat The World VTC latest here.

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