Knowing that you like to play games, I support you to become a professional gamer, but you are against it

Deng Yaping is a former athlete, the pride of Chinese table tennis, having won gold medals at many international competitions, including the 1992 Olympia or the 1996 World Cup. Cast off the glory of the champion. In the world, Dang A Binh returned to be an ordinary mother and wife in life. Her sharing about her son has recently attracted the attention of many netizens in the country of billions of people.​

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Dang A Binh shares his son’s story

Dang A Binh said that her son loves to play games, and is even the best player Ton Thuong Huong in Beijing (Ton Thuong Huong: assassin general of Beijing). King of Glory). Not forbidding children from playing games like many other parents, Dang A Binh also used practical actions to support her children. She visited two teams Esports leading players in the country to prepare to send their children to train to become professional gamers.

Everything seemed to be okay, but in the end it was Dang A Binh’s son who spoke out against it. After knowing if you want to do professional player he had to practice 12 hours a day, the boy flatly refused without any attachment. Perhaps as Dang A Binh said, this is the difference between playing for fun and playing professionally.​


If it’s just playing for fun, it will be a hobby, an entertainment when boring, but once you step onto the professional path, there’s no going back. Because he understands the hardships of being an athlete, the former champion did not expect his son to become a world champion like me. Perhaps he should still focus on his studies and future orientation after he is more mature.​

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