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Landber Building management software is one of the smart apartment management solutions, helping to optimize the operation process of the building’s activities in a professional way.

1. Introduction to apartment management software Landber Building

Landber Building management software is one of the smart apartment management solutions, helping to optimize the operation process of the building’s activities in a professional way. Above all, Landber Building provides the Management Board with a complete set of tools for operation and an overview of the entire operation of the building. As well as supporting the management and residents to easily connect with each other through the website or landber Building application installed on mobile devices.

Landber building landber building

Landber Building is one of the effective building management software

Most of all, if your building is having the following problems, then Landber Building is absolutely for you.

Failure to promptly handle requests and complaints from residents

Difficulty in managing the status and quality of the employee’s work handling

Not knowing the number of apartments actually inhabited

No control over how many residents received and read notifications

It takes a lot of resources to send important announcements to residents

2. Benefits of using building management software Landber Building

As one of the professional apartment management software, Landber Building brings great benefits to users such as:

Landber building landber building

Landber Building brings many attractive benefits to residents and management board

– Improve the value and reputation index in the working process of the management: Absolute accuracy in each data, transparency of the system, improvement of the quality of operation management.

– Synchronize all data of the integrated building on the same system, easily manage, arrange, search and avoid data loss.

– Connecting management and residents easily, effectively improving the satisfaction index of customers and residents.

– Automate workflow quickly, save time, effort and cost effectively.

– Limit the risks, disputes, conflicts that take place in the building.

– Preventing incidents, improving the life and property value of the building.

– Easily manage anytime, anywhere via internet-connected phone device.

– Solve all problems and difficulties in management and operation of the management board.

3. Evaluation of features of apartment management software Landber Building

When operating and managing the building with Landber Building software, both residents and management will optimize their work thanks to special features such as:

3.1. Management features

Features of Landber Building for Management Board

Phan mem officials through the common area of ​​LANDBER BUILDING

– INTERNAL MANAGEMENT: Building information management, Apartment and resident list management, Employee management and job assignment, Work exchange using chat feature, Management of services and utilities of building, Service fee management.

– MANAGEMENT NOTIFICATIONS: Create and send notifications to residents, Set a schedule to automatically send periodic fee notifications, Update the number of apartments read/unread notices, Resend notifications for unread apartments, ..

– FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT: Receive feedback from residents, Update feedback processing progress, Communicate directly with residents on each complaint,…

3.2. Features for residents

In addition to providing and developing unique features for management, Landber Building also offers many attractive features for residents such as:

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Features residents get when using Landber Building software

– Receive notifications of the Building Management Board quickly.

– Create/Send feedback to management

– Set a schedule to use the building’s utilities

– Look up service fee payment history

– Pay service fees using ATM/Visa cards, QR Code

– …

Currently, Landber Building is developing a number of other features such as: Fire alarm, monitoring camera system link, features for the administrator, … From the management board, to residents can easily implement through the convenient installation of applications on your phone and computer devices.

The above are the most objective reviews of the Landber Building apartment management software. Currently, Reway Group is still developing many other special features to support the management and operation of current apartment buildings with better results. In particular, currently, Landber Building software has many attractive promotions, so hurry up and grab this opportunity to get the most interesting experiences.

Landber Building – Smart apartment management software


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