Instructions to unlock all Rescue Cut characters

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To increase the attractiveness and experience, the publisher FIL Games has added to Rescue Cut some new characters to make players less boring, but not everyone knows it. And below Taimienphi will guide you to unlock all Rescue Cut characters, add character skins to make the game more diverse.

Currently, there are many ways for players to own new characters in puzzle game Rescue Cut, use cash to buy new characters, work hard to log in every day or watch ads can also help you unlock characters Rescue Cut, a lot of different ways.

Huong Dan is a teacher who needs to be rescued and cut

Puzzle game on Android and iOS phones

How to unlock characters in Rescue Cut

Step 1: Start Rescue Cut on your mobile device or Android emulator, at the main interface you choose the house icon Home => click Game Mode as shown below.

Huong Dan is a teacher and rescues cut 2

Step 2: At interface Mode Select you click on the text Skins.

Huong Dan has a lifeguard and rescue cut 3

Step 3: For simple Rescue Cut character skins, you just need to click Random Unlock and watch a few promotional videos to unlock, but there are Rescue Cut character skins that need you to log in for the corresponding number of days to receive.

Huong Dan is a rescue worker and rescue cut 4

Here are some skins that require you to unlock the Rescue Cut character using Gold coins, which you can only get through in-game development (through levels), and of course the value also changes. change in shape.

Huong Dan has a lifeguard and rescue cut 5

Some Rescue Cut character skins require the player to die corresponding to the number of times before they can be unlocked, quite strange but very easy to own, isn’t it.

Huong Dan is a teacher with a rescue cut 6

And yet, when you experience the game, you will see some levels with iron cages containing characters suspended in the air, free them and you will receive an invitation to watch an advertisement to unlock the Rescue Cut character.

Above is the entire guide on how to unlock all Rescue Cut characters effectively and simply. If you don’t want to unlock or push notifications, please Turn off ads for Rescue Cut game now to make your experience more convenient, avoid being annoying. Don’t forget to consult the list Rescue Cut answers How do you get out of here?
– Link to download Android version: Rescue Cut for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Rescue Cut for iPhone

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