Instructions to play the game Tile tiles on Facebook Messenger

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Now, you can play Tetris game right on Facebook Messenger Instant Games platform without having to install it on your device. Your task is to arrange the blocks cleverly to get the highest score possible.

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In the past, Facebook also allowed playing chess games, playing basketball with friends. To participate Play the Puzzle game This invite you to follow the following article of

Step 1: Open any conversation, click + symbol, then click Game. Or you always click on the card Game in the main interface of Facebook Messenger, but in this way must invite you to play.

Facebook MessengerGame

Step 2: Click Magnifying glass icon, then type Tetris into the search box to find the game Matching bricks. After finding the game, click the button Play to experience the game.

Search gameTetris

Step 3: Wait a while for the download to complete, then press the button Play now to play Tile matching game on Facebook Messenger. When you reach the game interface, a dialog box will appear informing you of your mission to pass, click Continue to play game.

Play nowMission

Step 4: Now your task is to skillfully control and stack the bricks together to score points and complete the mission. The faster you level up, the faster the falling speed of the brick block, the faster you need to be quick and sophisticated to stack up skillfully.

Game interfacePlay a brick-and-mortar game

With this Tetris game, you can do daily quests, compete the leaderboards, challenge your friends to beat your highest score.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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