Instructions to play the game Au Mix for newbies

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Dance game Au Mix has officially launched, on how to play Au Mix will not be too different from Au Mobile or Audition before. New players will be a little overwhelmed about the “complex building” that Au Mix brings, to understand more about the function of each building, let’s explore this modern entertainment world with

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Meet the areas of the city of Au Mix

Dance Hall

The dance hall is the gathering place for genuine players, gamers will be immersed in exciting dances.

  • There will be 4 dance modes: 3K, Beat, Weather, Bubble.
  • 5 modern open fighting floors: Splendor, Slum, Random, Station memory, Street Solo.

Besides, when joining any game mode we can also quickly find friends to play with with the super-convenient Quick Find feature.

The dance hall in Au Mix
The dance hall in Au Mix

Shopping Mall – Shopping paradise

True to the name Shopping Mall will be a shopping paradise, gamers can freely buy costumes and accessories according to their own preferences. Not only that, there will be special areas with special items and costumes open for limited sale and constantly updated according to the trend.

shopping heaven
shopping heaven

Beyond the Darkness

The Exile feature first appeared in a dance game, besides gold, experience we can get a lot of Items, costumes, costume pieces used to upgrade costumes.

You will receive stars, rewards like gold, costume items, hair, etc. after each successful attempt.

Exile Mission
Exile Mission

Temple of Wishes

Coming to the Wishing Temple area, you will have the opportunity to try wearing stars or diamonds to receive rare costumes that only appear at the sacred temple.

Every day we will have the opportunity to summon for free, when you summon 10 times, you will definitely get the super puzzle.

Sacred Temple
Sacred Temple

Park Area

The park will be a place for gamers to entertain, gather and make friends. Here you also have the opportunity to receive attractive rewards through NPC’s missions.

Familiar divine minigames like Pikachu, Candy Crush Saga will also appear to help the dancers relax.

Parks in Au Mix
Parks in Au Mix

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