Instructions to play PAW Patrol Rescue World for newbies

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Rescue dogs in PAW Patrol Rescue World are waiting for the little ones to perform rescue missions at Adventure bay. If you don’t know where to start, please refer to the guide to playing PAW Patrol Rescue World game for newbies shared by in the article below.

Paw Patrol Rescue World It is an attractive adventure game for young children. In the game, the children will accompany rescue dogs PAW Patrol to perform different tasks on Adventure Bay, in this article, will guide you. how to play PAW Patrol Rescue World for newbies.

paw patrol rescue world tutorial for all players

How to play Paw Patrol Rescue World most effectively

Instructions to play PAW Patrol Rescue World for newbies

1. Basic controls

Currently, the PAW Patrol rescue dog team in the game Paw Patrol Rescue World consists of 5 members: Chase, Skye, Marshall, Zuma and Rocky. Each dog possesses a special skill and vehicle to carry out the task. The game is designed for children from 3 to 6 years old, so it has a very simple control mechanism, children just need to touch any position on the screen to move and touch the marked points to complete the task. .

2. Join the training mission

paw patrol rescue world game for everyone

During the training mission, you are given instructions on how to perform and complete the mission. You need to control your dog by touching the screen and the dog will automatically move to that position. You also need to collect puppy food to unlock some more locations and objectives. With Chase, your first dog, you need to hang the aviary on a tree, fix and put some broken benches in order, and more.

3. The mission of the rescue dogs Paw Patrol

how to play paw patrol rescue world for people to understand

As mentioned above, each Paw Patrol dog possesses unique skills and facilities, suitable for performing specific tasks. Therefore, each dog will have different tasks. For example, Chase needs to return chickens to the coop, find lost furniture and animals, and repair broken chairs, street lights, and fire hydrants. Meanwhile, Skye’s task is to locate the dairy cows, collect garbage… When completing the tasks, the dogs will receive different rewards and items.

Thus, the article has shared instructions to play PAW Patrol Rescue World for newbies. With simple controls, the little ones can play the game on their own without the help of their parents.
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