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PUBG PC is a game with a fairly high configuration, but there are many errors with it, and the ability to optimize the device is quite low, for that reason we need to increase the FPS PUBG PC to get the best experience when playing. PC game titles.

PUBG PC aka Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, a hit game of 2018 and with computer configuration playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is not simple at all. Specifically, readers can refer to PC configuration to play PUBG here. It is also because of the high configuration that there are always ways to increase the FPS of PUBG PC, making the computer optimal when playing.

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What is FPS? How much FPS in PUBG is enough?

FPS is an acronym for Frame Per Secondmean display frames per second. You can understand that the more moving frames our eyes can see in 1 second, the smoother the image will be. That is, the higher the FPS, the smoother the game will be, and there will be no annoying frame jerking.

In the game PUBG PC to be able to play smoothly we it needs to be at least 60 FPS, and if possible you can achieve 120 FPSHowever, to play PUBG PC 60 FPS is difficult, not to mention that 120 FPS needs a computer with high configuration.

Instructions to increase FPS PUBG PC

Step 1: To increase PUBG PC FPS you must first be able to get inside the game, here we start the settings to increase PUBG PC FPS.

fps pubg pc 2 game

Step 2: Looking up at the top right corner you will see an icon Settingsclick it to proceed with editing.

fps pubg pc 3 game

Step 3: A menu panel appears, here we will enter the Settings for setup and editing for PUBG PC.

fps pubg pc 4 fps

Step 4: Right here we will default to opening the Video section with 2 separate sections, first let’s get acquainted with the Display Settings in PUBG PC.

fps pubg pc 5 fps

Display Mode: Display modes include full screen, full screen but windowed or playing PUBG PC windowed.
Resolution: Supports maximum resolution equal to the resolution your monitor can achieve.
Lobby FPS Limit: Displays the FPS level while in the idle screen.
In-Game FPS Limit: Display FPS while in PUBG PC game.
Smoothed Frame Rate: Optimize FPS instead of graphics or details.

The next part is Advanced Settings, Here will help you clarify the meaning of the settings to help increase FPS PUBG PC better.

pubg pc 6 fps fps

Overall Quality: Overall setting, you should leave custom so that we can customize is the best way to increase FPS PUBG PC.
Screen Scale: This feature allows displaying the graphic level in %, by default you should leave 100% and we should reduce other indicators.
Anti-Aliasing: Anti-aliasing feature of PUBG PC.
Post-Processing: Post-processing, also known as post-processing. Because PUBG PC is a pretty heavy game, sometimes the character rendering is finished but the scene has not yet been rendered.
Shadows: Shadow effect in PUBG PC.
Textures: The detail of the scenes and characters.
Effects: Types of effects in the game.
Foliage: Foliage effect from trees in PUBG PC.
View Distance: The character’s vision (The further the computer, the more work it will have to do).
V-Sync: Synchronize images from VGA to the computer screen.
Motion Blur: Motion blur effect (this is very heavy and sometimes makes it difficult for players to see), making the image more shimmering.
Sharpen: The sharpness of the scene in PUBG PC.

-> To be able to increase FPS PUBG PC you should have limited visibility, turn off unnecessary effects and just leave Textures higher than usual.

Sometimes you will have to accept a little bad image to increase PUBG PC FPS.

fps pubg pc 7 game

How to display FPS in PUBG PC

To know if the FPS reaches 60 or not, we can use the software to do and in addition, the Steam system itself also allows you to display FPS in PUBG PC.

Step 1: On the Steam interface, click on the Steam menu and select Settings.

fps pubg pc 8 game

Step 2: In the In-game section we will see In-game FPS counterthis is the feature that allows display.

fps pubg pc 9 fps

Step 3: We are allowed to choose 4 positions respectively top left, right and bottom right left.

fps pubg pc 10

Step 4: After choosing, we must proceed restart Steam.

pubg pc 11 fps

Then you notice in the right corner that you choose there will be a blue text, which is the FPS displayed in PUBG PC.

fps pubg pc 12 fps

The above are just basic operations for players to increase FPS PUBG PC by applying the above methods. Basically, PUBG PC is not a good optimal game, so even if you use every way to increase FPS, PUBG PC sometimes still brings frustration by the stupid errors of this game.

In addition to the option to play PUBG PC, we can also play PUBG Mobile on PC through emulators. With this option, it will help you not to worry about increasing FPS PUBG PC when the configuration of PUBG PC is not light at all, moreover how Play PUBG Mobile on PC It is also quite similar to the PUBG PC version.
Similar to PUBG PC, you can increase PUBG Mobile FPS in many different ways to play the game smoother, if you don’t know how to do it, please refer to the method below. increase FPS PUBG Mobile here.

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